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Read & Download Little Miss Independent Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read Little Miss Independent Ugh she has been courted by a handsome lord with marriage on his mind it is Roan she secretly desires Roan is stunned when he is reacuainted with Addy Bruce In the years that have passed Addy has grown into a true beauty and the toast of the ton He is not sure which surprises him her transformation or the fact she is. THE REASONI chose to read LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT because it was a Kindle freebie and also was listed as a romance without sex That would be a refreshing change to the romances I ve encountered latelyTHE PLOTRoan has just come back from battle with an enormous deforming scar across his face His fiance has left him and the women from the English Regency who were previously fighting for his attention have now completely shunned him He feels like the outcast for sureAddy the younger sister of Roan s best friend has recently turned eighteen and has blossomed from a spunky tomboy in pigtails to a stunning young woman who is the belle of the ball She has always had a crush on her brother s friend but the ten year age difference meant that things would need to wait until later After all Roan sees Addy as a younger sister not as someone who might capture his attention romanticallyBut while society shuns Roan for the burns and scars on his face Addy might be the only one to look beyond the imperfections to see the man that she loved for all of her life Problem is that Addy has been promised to another man one who the family thinks is the perfect suitor for herMY OPINIONI thought this was a cute sweet little story Sure things felt overly dramatic and over done but I m sure this is intentional in the spirit of an English Regency type romance I liked the feeling of innocence in the story both because Addy was young and because the story was free from sex although full of passionOn the flip side I hate the cover art It s overdone and way too lusty for this storyMY RECOMMENDATIONThis should generally appeal to fans of light sweet historical fiction If you re looking for the next Fifty Shades though steer clearMY VERDICTI was definitely not disappointed and I would consider other works from this author in the future

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Little Miss Independent

Read & Download Little Miss Independent Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read Little Miss Independent Adelaide Bruce was just a girl in braids when her brother's best friend Naval Captain Lord Drayton left for war Now five years later Lord Drayton has returned to London with hideous battle scars that have made him a social pariah Adelaide doesn't see Roan's wounds but rather the man she has always secretly loved Altho. I thought this was a cute short story Roan is a scarred war hero and Addy is the sister of his best friend I really would have liked this if it was a bit longer giving the relationship time to develop as it was rushed I would have given the story itself 3 stars but made it 4 for the writing style

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Read & Download Little Miss Independent Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free read Little Miss Independent The only woman who treats him as though his scars do not exist When Roan learns of Addy’s engagement to a rival he must move fastor lose her foreverPlease note LITTLE MISS INDEPENDENT is a short novella 9700 words that was originally published in THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF REGENCY ROMANCE The story is a sweet romance no s. Loved the writingwished it was longerAs always J A Templeton writes her stories and characters beautifully there is no surprise there I understand that this is meant to be a short story but this one seems extra shortI hope one day that J A Templeton revisits this story and decides that it needs to be a full length book The storyline was great but it ended so uickly that I realized I started to love the characters well after I had finished the story It was that uick Roan is hurt during his service in the military which leaves him with a scarred face and body Once a highly sought out catch he now finds himself the victim of ridicule and pityAddy has always loved her brothers best friend and see no scars or markings only the man she has loved for most of her lifeWhen the two meet again after a long five year gap the attraction is mutual and won t be deniedNow the uestion becomes will their love for each other prevailI