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  • 28 July 2020
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Free download Trouble in Paradise 100 characters Trouble in Paradise Sica was forced to confront Mitch againand pretend that the attraction between them burned as fiercely as ever Pretending to fall in love with Mitch was dangerously easy dangerous for two reas. Lack of communication Eavesdrop other hidden leads to disaster secret son dumb shit

characters Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise

Free download Trouble in Paradise 100 characters Trouble in Paradise A mission to seduce It was four years since Jessica had last seen Mitch yet she'd never forgotten or forgiven his heartless treacheryNow blackmailed by her boss and in the name of business Jes. Second chancesecret baby story with a ridiculous heroine She overheard a conversation and concluded the hero was having an affair with his sister in law Instead they were talking about IVF using his sperm since his adoptive brother had some kind of hereditary health problem Heroine broke it off with the hero and didn t tell him she was pregnant Four years later the heroine is being blackmailed by her boss to seduce the hero while on holiday in order to found out hero s bid for some property her boss wanted Small world the boss s girlfriend aborted his baby to run after the hero So this is boss s revenge on the hero Hero did not hook up with the gf but boss is still mad Heroine thinks the hero is having an affair with the hotel owner s wife based on yet another overheard conversationThat doesn t stop them from having sex Or the heroine stealing the bid information and relaying it to her boss Or the hero leaving her stranded on a beach overnight after he found about her betrayalThe boss is thwarted so he angrily threatens the heroine in her home Hero finds them there together and thinks they re having an affair Heroine uits her job should have done that when he blackmailed you sweetie and movesHeroine eventually finds out that the hotel owner s wife is the hero s bio mom Then she discovers the whole IVF situation so she tracks down the hero to apologize and tell him about his son Hero is angry and won t listen Heroine runs away and falls into a sinkhole LOL No one finds her until the next day By the time she wakes up it s all been sorted Hero has met his son He grovels She grovels So many lies and unethical behavior I can t even The misunderstandings were ridiculous

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Free download Trouble in Paradise 100 characters Trouble in Paradise Ons1 He might break her heart again2 He might discover that he Mitch Carradine confirmed bachelor was the father of her sonGrace Green generates an unbeatable emotional intensity Romantic Time. 35 stars