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  • 12 October 2020
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characters The Hungry Mouth ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Free read The Hungry Mouth Tic Seattle while being pursued by a large lonely zombieThe black hole at the center of our galaxy delivers a fierce and final solilouyFrom the author of WARM BODIES a collection of strange stories about strange people strange creatures and strange objects experiencing joys and hungers that are not strange at all20 stories including Grass Through The Concerete a novella set in the world of WARM BODIES Limited Edition designed and published by the author Only 500 copies will be made All copies are signed Isaac Marion has done it again The Hungry Mouth was a wonderful collection of short stories that ranged from the bizarre to the terrifying to the wonderful Each story was uniue and left it s impression My favorite was of course the second to last when we got to see a preuel to Warm Bodies which only made me long for Warm Bodies Isaac Marion is truly a gem Whatever he comes out with next I will be there to get it

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The Hungry Mouth

characters The Hungry Mouth ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Free read The Hungry Mouth Nt exchanges emails with government agencies confessing to a lifelong murder spreeA feral cat sends psychic postcards to the family dog he left behindA child abandoned into foster care grows into a very very hungry manA boy competes with his older brother for the affections of a girl before discovering a mysterious hole in the bottom of a lakeAn old man reminisces on his career as a disease engineer for a shadowy world organizationA teenage girl and her kid brother make their way through a post apocalyp I own signed 127500THE BACKROADS A wonderful start to the collection SHE AND I WALKING The sudden burst of power caught me by surprise and it was awesome THE HUNGRY MAN Sick Had to share it with everyone THE HOLE IN THE LAKE Very sad and very well done believableSUMMER LIGHTNING GoodASCENDING NOTES Not one of the best THIS TYRANNOSAUR LOVES YOU Also one of the best THE ONION CLOCK uite awesome ADAM OddYOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL One of the bestPIZDEC PIZDATO GoodLOUD NEIGHBOURS Odd and awesome RED RED RED Not one of the best PARKED CAR Very awesome EMAILS FROM A SERPENT TO VARIOUS GOVERNMENT AGENCIES Would have liked to see JERRY LIVES FOREVER Unsure Good but a few are like this YOU WERE ONCE A WOLF Odd THE MAN WHO SWALLOWED A UNIVERSE A few were like this GRASS THROUGH THE CONCRETE Best in the collectionA LONG STORY Eh

Summary ð eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¹ Isaac Marion

characters The Hungry Mouth ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Free read The Hungry Mouth This is a short story collection that I self published in limited uantities which are all gone now Getting it out into the world will be my next project after finishing the Warm Bodies seuel A man and a woman on their first date discover they have amazing powersA Tyrannosaurus Rex enjoys modern life as the guardian and spiritual mentor of SeattleAn angry stoplight manages traffic for the lawless humans it despisesAn immortal and indestructible man discovers the horror and beauty of living foreverA serpe Isaac is an incredibly clever writer and I think this book while only self published currently deserves to get picked up for publication His stories aren t for everybody as they are incredibly bizarre and I could see that some people might think that they are confusing but I loved them I enjoyed all of the stories in this collection though some than others My favourites are She I Walking Red Red Red Adam The Hole in the Lake Young Beautiful and The Onion ClockA large part of this book about a third is a novella called Grass Through the Concrete which is a sort of preuel to Isaac s novel Warm Bodies and follows the characters Nora M Another bonus to this book is that the inside binding has another story printed on it a monologue from a black hole that is a great readThis book is a really uick read I read it in a day but its worth reading over and over again Isaac has a really wonderful way with words and his stories are all interesting uniue thought provoking and beautifully written Many of them are funny and all are awesomely strange If you happen to be able to find this book anywhere you should definitely purchase it