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Summary ↠ The Time of the Hunter's Moon ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Victoria Holt È 9 Read Free download The Time of the Hunter's Moon Aching of her pupilsSir Jason Verringer the temptestuous local landowner with a sinister reputation was determined that it should be otherwiseOne of. This is one of the very worst books I have ever read I generally like Victoria Holt books I find them good uick reads light entertainment nothing spectacular but enjoyable This book was simply a mess It starts promising enough with a group of young girls meeting a handsome stranger in the woods Then he isn t mentioned again until the book is half over The story was all over the place and never really came together very well at all I had to make myself finish it just to see what happened in the end Very dissapointing

Free download The Time of the Hunter's MoonThe Time of the Hunter's Moon

Summary ↠ The Time of the Hunter's Moon ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Victoria Holt È 9 Read Free download The Time of the Hunter's Moon Cordelia's most placid pupils elopes everything becomes shrouded in mystery and Cordelia realises that even a faded memory can be a very dangerous on. Easy read Engaging as are all V Holt booksBut the verbal sparring between the heroine and hero was too long and got really boring really fast This guy has no redeeming characteristics He s a slimy stalking would be rapist of the heroine and she finds him stimulating I just kept thinking why doesn t she put an end to this or find another job at another school This guy is clearly a stalkerThe only thing he does to show any humanity or decency is chase after and find his niece prior to her being murdered by the scamming murderer she eloped with I guess it s supposed to appeal to women who have rape fantasies but for me I found it pretty repulsive I also think it s really dated this would have probably been a lot acceptable in the 1960 s

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Summary ↠ The Time of the Hunter's Moon ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Victoria Holt È 9 Read Free download The Time of the Hunter's Moon Different edition of 97800061699490 00 616994 5Beautiful and talented Cordelia Grant had thought that her mind would be wholly concentrated on the te. The Time of the Hunter s Moon is yet another formulaic and often rather woefully predictable offering from Victoria Holt and even when I first read this novel as a teenager I was constantly aware of my sense of almost palpable disbelief For while the heroine Cordelia Grant is indeed realistically enough conceptualised and drawn the meeting the stranger in the woods episodes the rather ridiculous coincidences and the entire demeanour of Sir Jason Verringer I mean he actually tried to force himself on Cordelia and in the end she very much gladly and even willingly marries him have never made The Time of the Hunter s Moon all that enjoyable for me as I have always found the plot rather creepy and sinister and if it had not been for Cordelia s Aunt Patty and her companion Violet both of whom I adore I might not have finished the novel both when I read it at around age sixteen and now for my recent rereads Still The Time of the Hunter s Moon remains partially and mildly recommended for those who enjoy historical romances especially tales about mysterious lords of the manor with troubled pastsreputations who are then of course reclaimed redeemed and loved by the heroines But in my humble opinion and even if you are a die hard fan of Victoria Holt there are truly much better offerings from her pen and that rape scene really is rather despicable especially since it almost seems a bit of a romantic fantasy not my cup of proverbial tea at all And thus while I do consider the novel to be worth two stars for general readability and interest because of that rape scene and the fact that Cordelia actually ends up marrying Jason Verringer the man who had tried to molest and ravish her I am now changing my ranking for The Time of the Hunter s Moon from two stars to one star well actually to one and a half stars for the entire concept of marriage after rape and that a woman should in any way consider a man who has basically tried to violate her as a mate should not EVER be deemed as positive as romantic or even remotely encouraged