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Three French Hens review ß 100 Ed lord Her fate changes when a new guest Lady Joan arrives at the castle Desperate to escape her arranged marriage to Royce of Thurleah Joan suggests that look alike Brinna take her place at the Christma. Careful what you wish forPreviously published in the print anthologies Five Gold Rings and A Historical Christmas PresentThree French Hens by Lynsay Sands is an entertaining festive historical novella I read it within A Historical Christmas Present anthology in which it was one of three stories It s a standalone read not related to any series This sweet romance details what happens when two women a scullery maid and a spoiled highborn lady switch identities Lady Joan wants to get out of a pre arranged marriage Brinna the scullery maid would like to help her elderly friend Aggie retire and not have to worry about finances Brinna plays her hand too well as while playacting as Lady Joan she falls in love with Lady Joan s betrothed Royce dooming Brinna to a broken heart I really liked both lead characters They were caring and strong both inside and out Lady Joan was full of herself I pity the man who ends up with her Brinna s chaperone while impersonating Lady Joan was an entitled hoot Some of the stories she told to justify Brinna s behavior as Brinna struggled with adapting to the different class norms were absolutely hilariousFollowing please find a few of my favorite uotes Three French Hens Were you hurt Is anything broken Nay She signed wryly But the snow went up me skirts so far me arse is a block of ice She hurt her hand Sabrina managed a frown Terrible really Awful accident Sad Horribly painful She almost lost full use of her hand Whatever happened he asked Happened Sabrina blinked at the uestion her face going blank briefly then filling with desperation She er she er pricked her finger doing embroidery she finished triumphantly and Brinna nearly groaned aloud as what sounded suspiciously like a snort of laughter burst from Lord Thurleah Is everything all right ladies Sabrina whirled to face both men as they dismounted Oh my yes Everything is fine Why ever would you think otherwise Brinna could just see Lord Thurleah s face as he arched one eyebrow his lips appearing to struggle to hold back an amused smile Mayhap because Lady Joan has fallen in the snow Fallen Lady Sabrina s genuine horror seemed to suggest ladies simply did not do anything as embarrassing as fall off the back of the wagon into the snow She gasped Oh nay You must be mistaken my lord Why Lady Joan would never have fallen She is the epitome of grace and beauty She is as nimble as a fawn as graceful as a swan She is Presently lying in the snow Lord Thurleah pointed out dryly I was wracking my brain while inhaling this read trying to figure out how the author was ever going to be able to provide Brinna and Royce the happy ending they deserved I didn t see a way but I shouldn t have doubted her as she pulled one off that left me happy as can be If you enjoy escaping into uick sweet and humorous Christmas romances Three French Hens is a wonderful option My full review is published at Reading Between the Wines Book Club Please check it out there

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Three French Hens review ß 100 Previously published in the print anthologies Five Gold Rings and A Historical Christmas PresentBrinna a twelfth century scullery maid gets the chance to play a lady and win the true love of an impoverish. I thought this story really had the potential to be a longer novella or even a full length book There were so many ways the plot could have been extended and the characters developed further However this story was really good for being designed to be around 70 80 pages I m not always a fan of stories where one person is impersonating another but Lynsay Sands did a great job of writing an interesting funny story Overall I do wish the story especially the ending had been longer but it was an enjoyable read

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Three French Hens review ß 100 S festivities Suddenly Brinna finds herself being wooed by a true gentleman getting perhaps the best Christmas present of all a new life A classic novella from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay San. Brinna is a scullery maid who gets a chance to be a ladies maid but finds that the woman she s waiting on looks exactly like her Lady Joan is visiting so she can meet the man she s betrothed to Lord Royce who desperately needs the dowry Lady Joan is providing Only she s not interested So she gets Brinna to pose as her and spend the week with Royce So what does Brinna do when she falls in love with Royce but she knows she s deceiving him This was really cute I suspend a lot of disbelief in novellas and accept that things happen uickly These two fell in love in about a week but at least half the week they weren t really interacting Nevertheless Brinna s experiences as a Lady were fairly amusingespecially when she gets herself into trouble because then her peasant dialect comes out It was a predictable story but a good one