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  • Delta of Venus
  • Anaïs Nin
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  • 13 June 2018
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Anaïs Nin Ë 6 review

Summary Delta of Venus Anaïs Nin Ë 6 review Free read Á Delta of Venus A Parisian hatmaker named Mathilde leaves her husband for the opium dens of Peru Delta of Venus is an extraordinarily rich and exotic collection from the master of erotic writi. I think you have to be a little on the sick and twisted to get off on this book Well parts of it Here are some examples of the icky ickiness Anais Nin writes about in Delta of Venus Dude lays in bed early in the morning and some kids who live in the house come in and horse play around his room He gets a hard on and encourages them to frolic about on top of the covers Same dude decades later takes custody of his teenage son and daughter Then he fucks em A different dude burns some lady s cootch with a hot pipe Another dude helps some man take a dead body out of the river and then he fucks the dead body while water pours out of her orifices A lady rides a horse bareback and gets all horny from the feel of the horse s rough coat against her clit etcEw right I mean she does have some good stuff in the book but honestly it s so overshadowed by the ick that it s hard to lose oneself in the

Summary Delta of VenusDelta of Venus

Summary Delta of Venus Anaïs Nin Ë 6 review Free read Á Delta of Venus PIn Delta of Venus Anaiuml;s Nin penned a lush magical world where the characters of her imagination possess the most universal of desires and exceptional of talents Among these. 355Let s get one thing straight This is erotica Erotica erotica erotica erotica erotica You know that phenomenon when you say something so many times that it temporarily loses its meaning Firstly it s a psychological phenomenon known as semantic satiation Secondly that s what I m trying to do here with the word erotica Erotica erotica erotica erotica erotica Run through that a few times if you haven t sufficiently stripped yourself of assumptions contextual peripheries and all other sorts of ideological clutter Also don t even think of the word porn This isn t one two hup hup hup gratification on the simplest level of human biological stimulation This is literatureFeeling free of all that Good Because the theme that I m working through in this review is this erotica is a genre of wasted potentialYou heard me Wasted potential Just look at its current representative in the popular

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Summary Delta of Venus Anaïs Nin Ë 6 review Free read Á Delta of Venus Provocative stories a Hungarian adventurer seduces wealthy women then vanishes with their money; a veiled woman selects strangers from a chic restaurant for private trysts; and. A kaleidescopic array of tantalizing erotica An epidemic of erotic journals that s indispensable to the most insatiable of sex aficionados It is the best of its type no doubt this may be the bible of this literary black sheep genre It smolders it uickens the pulse even if you re gay even if you re a prude even if you believe that this is not your cup a tea The charm of this experiment or seeing of sexual experience from a woman s point of view lies in its Russian Nesting dolls plot in which stories are found inside stories within stories and characters artists mostly are met their fates follow divergent paths of sexual contest of sexual victory Tabooserotic proclivities include disguises underwear exhibitionism rape almost rape homosexuality bisexuality unfaithfulness incest necrophilia bestiality child pornography But this is not within the parameters of Sade Park No It s classy it s