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Jon Krakauer Ò 8 Summary

Jon Krakauer Ò 8 Summary Review Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ò Jon Krakauer Into the Wild Free read Ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF What would possess a gifted young man recently graduated from college to literally walk away from his life Noted outdoor writer and mountaineer Jon Krakauer tackles that uestion in his reporting on Chris McCandless whose emaciated I now walk into the wild Christopher McCandless 1968 1992I live a life I suspect that is much like yours Wake up go to work come home eat dinner go to bed At the end of this weekly desert there might be a drink or ten to celebrate the victory over another five days of soul crushing drudgeryI am a desk jockey A paper pusher I mean that literally I sit in my office and when people peer inside they will see me moving a sheet of paper from one side to the other It looks to the untrained eye like valuable labor When I get the chance though I head to the mountains to the wild I love the away ness of these trips At the risk of sounding absurdly curmudgeonly I like getting away from the crush of humanity and I m sure the crush of humanity appreciates my temporary absence There was at time when my friends and I would head out west every summer We picked a destination isolated challenging packed the car and plunged into the wilderness We undertook silly risks because we were younger and we laughed at conseuences or at the possibility that there were conseuences Once a little later on we gathered around a campfire four of us and swore like characters from a young adult novel that we d always do this that we d always head out to the mountains together Then we got older My friends married they started having kids and the mountains became a memory a slideshow of pictures that showed up on the screen savers of our computers Friends with whom I d jumped off cliffs slid down glaciers and climbed rocks matured overnight into sober professionals husbands and fathers It was remarkable how age engendered caution and suelched the desire for adventure That was my mindset when I picked up Into the Wild Jon Krakauer s classic is to put it mildly a polarizing book Based on the people I ve surveyed I ve found that you either love it or you hate it and whether you love it or hate it will be determined by what you think about Christopher McCandless the young man at the center of Into the Wild You will be taken in by Chris s literate philosophical iconoclastic boundary pushing vagabondism Or you will be sickened by his selfishness his self pity and the way he left a shattered family in his wake Either way you will have a vivid responseUpon graduating from Emory University and instead of going on to law school which was my choice McCandless gave away 25000 to charity and began his life as a tramp or hobo as they sometimes like to be called I was in sixth grade when McCandless walked into the Alaskan wilderness and never returned He was 24 The power of Into the Wild is directly attributable to Krakauer s empathy for his subject Krakauer is a solid adventure writer but he s not a prose stylist Rather he uses his own life experiences to connect with Chris on a very intimate personal level He does not attempt any faux objectivity that is often the hallmark of serious serious journalism Instead Krakauer admits straight up that he saw his younger self in Chris with the exception that Krakauer survived his youth while Chris did not For instance there is an autobiographical section in Into the Wild where Krakauer tells his story about climbing the Devil s Thumb This could easily have been a self serving digression but Krakauer uses that experience and the vividness of his memory to explore the the compulsions that drove Chris McCandless to follow his uniue path to his destiny I think Chris in his own way was a towering figure he was the person I would like to be if I had guts and less excuses He was a smart kid a college grad who came from money His parents were messed up but really whose parents aren t After college instead of going to law school don t go to law school by the way he gave away 25000 burned his credit cards and set out to see the west Whatever else you call him you can t call him a poser Like everyone he had his share of dreams and demons and he set out to follow his dreams and fight his demons There s something to be said for what he put his parent through Still the world forces us to be our own person He went forward the best way he knew how defining himself along the way The tragedy of course is that the lessons he learned about the value of friends and family he learned too late I don t really need to defend Chris Krakauer does that He is unabashedly in his corner defending his choices his skills his desire to go alone to the far places like John Muir before him Chris McCandless was himself fully and completely which is saying a lot in this day and age Or any day and age He was part adventurer part philosopher and part monk the monk part fascinates Krakauer who spends a lot of time wondering whether Chris died a virgin I suppose a brief note on the movie directed by Sean Penn is in order While I found it poetic and inspiring the movie focuses too much on Chris s effect on the various people he meets on his journeys In a way Chris becomes some kind of wandering apostle healing and helping those he meets along his path before he dies a martyr s death in Alaska a vision from a Don Maclean song the world was never meant for one as beautiful as you The book on the other hand keeps Chris firmly grounded as a human being Krakauer admires Chris to be sure but he does not neglect the warts However Krakauer sharply dismisses those armchair psychiatrists who want to diagnose Chris with a mental disorder I m glad he does I think it s saying soemething about the conformity of our society that anyone who bucks the trend he gave up law school is called mad In the end Chris was one of those rare people who wanted to know the world intimately and in the process of discovering those secrets was killed by that same world Maybe there was something uixotic or foolish in his uest maybe he should have taken a job taken a wife found a safe desk behind which to grow old Or maybe there is something foolish in us to believe that we can outlive the world with our caution

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Jon Krakauer Ò 8 Summary Review Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ò Jon Krakauer Into the Wild Free read Ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Gers of heading into the wilderness alone Krakauer whose own adventures have taken him to the perilous heights of Everest provides some answers by exploring the pull the outdoors seductive yet often dangerous has had on his own lif We are all heroes to ourselves McCandless was Krakauer is This doesn t vary All that varies is how we define heroism and how much or how little we are prepared to do to for that stanceIn order to get people usually young men to sacrifice their lives we tell them of those that went before and tell them they were heroes who died for their countries died for their principles died even for their dreams Impractical dreams that are the province of the young And those who would be heroes never concern themselves with the practical that is far too mundane it is for others to take care of those details McCandless dream of heroism was to survive entirely alone and entirely off the land at the ends of the earth It didn t include the practicality of learning about the wild foods he might forage in that area or how he might survive in extreme weather conditions or even exactly where his place of solitude was situated so that when he sought succour at the end he didn t even know how close it really was The final photograph he took of himself is of a wasted face gaunt but beautiful with the shining eyes of one who has lived his dream and is satisfied Then he died

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Jon Krakauer Ò 8 Summary Review Ê eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ò Jon Krakauer Into the Wild Free read Ç eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Body was found in an abandoned bus in the Alaskan wilderness in 1992 Described by friends and relatives as smart literate compassionate and funny did McCandless simply read too much Thoreau and Jack London and lose sight of the dan okay lets address the elephant on goodreads which is the common theme of essentially bashing chris mccandless in reviews i have seen so many ranting about how irresponsible and selfish and arrogant and unprepared he was and i mean theyre not wrong but that honestly has nothing to do with the book what i love most about this is how objective krakauer is he neither praises nor critiues mccandless but presents the facts regarding an unfortunate event in a very interesting and fascinating way which leads me to believe that many people did not understand the nature of this bookyes mccandless thought so highly of himself that he literally went out into the alaskan wilderness euipped with only a plant guide and felt confident that he could survive yes he ignored the number one rule of boys scouts to be prepared yes he only thought about how his actions affected himself but man the manner in which krakauer tells chris story is so gripping that i couldnt help but get invested in everything that happened this book reads like a true crime story but where the only crime committed was a serious lack of judgement by a very misguided individual so it seems massively unfair to penalise the book itself because of disagreeing with what a young man did but hey to each their own 4 stars