[E–book] Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1

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  • Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1
  • Lanie Jordan
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  • 15 February 2020
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Summary Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1 Lanie Jordan Þ 0 Summary Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1 Summary ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Six hours ago men in dark suits and sunglasses came looking for meFour hours ago they offered me traini. my thoughts This book is about a girl named Jade She is your not so average teenage girl She has bounced from foster home to foster home and has now landed herself in the custody of the GCE the consortium of genetic engineering This place is government funded to an extent they do research and they hunt demons She is one of many that has had a previous encounter with demons one killed her family so they recruited herShe s now this sweet girl attending High School for Demon hunters She makes a friend named Linc lincoln and an enemy named Felecia all in her first day Which means this book is not without the normal teenage dramaThis is a story about love revenge hatefulness and self realization She s a sweet girl a very likable character She has determination and the skills to accomplish her goals The only thing she lacked was guidance but now with the help of GCE she is well on her way to getting her sought out revenge against the demon race for taking her family from herThings I liked were the lack of a large amount of swear words I am not fond of foul language consuming books made for young adults I liked that the love and mushy points weren t over bearing I also enjoyed getting to know each of the characters and neither was overly described or pushed into a scene without proper recognition Lastly I enjoyed that it was a fast paced read I didn t want to put the book down because something good was always happening It s hard to walk away when you want to know whats going to happen nextThere is nothing about this book I didn t like other then the fact that I am left not knowing what is soon to come I can t wait until the next book comes out and look forward to reading itreason for reading I was given a free copy of this book in return for an honest review

Summary Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1

Summary Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1 Lanie Jordan Þ 0 Summary Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1 Summary ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook CGENow All I have to do is survive demon hunting schoolThe classes won’t kill me but the finals might. This was good although I definitely think I could have connected with the characters I didn t dislike Jade but I didn t particularly like her either While it was an enjoyable read I guess I was sort of indifferent But I did appreciated her drama free friendship with Linc And I thought the way vampires and demons in general were originally created in this world was really interesting and different There were a few things that bothered me because they didn t really seem like a natural progression of the plot but just to add drama 1 The whole scene with Felicia and Jade in the South Tower view spoilerThey had sort of already beaten the whole Felicia is an evil bitch thing with a dead horse so I m not sure what the point of this was Except that maybe there is something special about Jade because the escaped demon sniffed her instead of attacking but they never mentioned that again hide spoiler

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Summary Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1 Lanie Jordan Þ 0 Summary Breed of Innocence The Breed Chronicles #1 Summary ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ng to hunt the things that killed my family demonsTwo hours ago I joined their secret organization the. 35The story revolves around a strong willed sixteen year old girl who two years prior to when the narrative begins has witnessed the murder of her mother and older brother by an unknown demon After spending a very unhappy time in a group home with a constant goal to avenge the death of her family she is approached by a secret genetic research organisation to join other recruits to study and train in becoming a demon hunterI was kindly sent a copy of Breed of Innocence by the author and I am grateful for the opportunity to read this book because it is a good one I must point out that I have not read many books from this particular genre but I found it well paced and full of action and kept me for the most part engaged in the plot line until the very end There is of course a little bit of romance and what Lanie Jordan refers to as demonology thrown in to keep the reader entertained even further The main character was likeable and I was happy to see her find a place where she felt she could belong and make friends for the first time in her lifeThere were some small issues such as a few typos and grammatical errors popping up every now and again and I personally felt some parts were a little too repetitive and continued longer than they needed to mainly the conversations between Jade and Director Greene I also wished we learned detail about the setting of New Orlando which would give us a better idea of the world and the dangers all these characters live in but that might be explored in the next book of the seriesOverall I found it an enjoyable read