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  • Say It with Roses
  • Devon Vaughn Archer
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  • 23 October 2018
  • 9780373863006

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Say It with Roses Read & Download ✓ 4 Yal And he's vowed to protect himself and his young twin daughters from being hurt again But Madison is different and she is slowly breaking down his barriers one by one Suddenly Stuart's fantasizing about a future with her Could they both have a second chance at romancetogeth. I wanted to read this book after learning it was set in Portland OR I lovedthe story between Madison and Stuart It was little slow at some parts but I like how the story all come together at the end I really enjoyed some of the actual places from Portland being included in the story

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Say It with Roses Read & Download ✓ 4 Irresistibly drawn to rugged and handsome bestselling author Stuart Kendall If only Stuart's sister hadn't married Madison's snake of an ex fiancéAlthough Stuart is secretly thrilled that Madison chose to settle in Portland he still bears the pain of his ex wife's cruel betra. This was a very sweet book little conflict and a nice happy ending Everyone seemed to get along I wanted a little drama from the ex wife but everyone behaved like reasonable adults and while that was refreshing it made for a sedate read

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Say It with Roses Read & Download ✓ 4 A new chapter in the book of loveAfter being left at the altar in Texas Madison Wagner is determined to fly solo The once burned book reviewer's move to Oregon is difficult especially when she becomes attracted to the one man she should avoid at all costs She can't help being. Being left at the alter then find out the man has moved on to someone else has Madison Wagner fire cracker hot Tossing it to lessons learned she moves cross country from Houston TX to Portland OR Her goals are to become a better reviewer and succeed in the literary world Life is great until she hits a road block in the form of author Stuart Kendall and his very precious twin daughters