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Shes Bad News Read & Download ó 109 Ugh these last few months of school she only wants to keep a low profile and get by but someone keeps getting in her way Tyler Flynn has been best friends. She s Bad News is an ebook I found on wattpad It is about a girl whose mother just got put in jail so she goes back to her dad s house This is where a whole lot of crap happened four years ago and no one really knows the truth but her And now every one seems to think she s bad news It takes Cory awhile but she s determined to actually graduate high school and get away from this town and from her past But that may not be so easy when so many people are actually trying to be her friend and maybe This book was really very good The writing was wonderful and all of the characters were interesting I loved Cory She had a snarky attitude but she was actually a person with a really big heart And I loved Flynn as well he wasn t ever going to give up on Cory no matter what I really didn t like Cory s dad though Out of everyone he was probably my least favorite person and I wanted to smack him several times The plot was also very interesting I was never bored in this book And at times I even cried over how Cory was treated it really was heartbreaking I highly recommend this book It was wonderful

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Shes Bad News Read & Download ó 109 When Corinna Evans' mother is sent to prison Corinna has nowhere else to go so she moves back in with her father and his family Determined to make it thro. WOW JUST WOWThe title uite explains itself She s bad news And that she goes by Corinna Evans When she was 12 she committed arson and was sent away to her mother Corinna is now 17 and only has one goal graduating from high school Because she has nowhere to go she is forced to return to a town that practically hates her now and in her father s and stepmother s house where she is not warmly welcomedTo her parents she is nothing but trouble and is disrupting their somewhat peaceful life but Corinna assures them that as soon as she graduates she s out of their hairs and gone for goodThe story goes on as Corinna struggles to finish high school and catch up on the work she missed deals with her unloving family ex friends school bullies as well as a hostile town while trying to control her past the problems and the people in itThe plot was an A the writing was amazing and the overall development of the story was brilliantAs for the characters you either loved them or hated them Either way they were all intense characters some than others but still intenseDid i mention that this is a wattpad book No i didn t Well yes it iswitch really surprised me You might underestimate it but don t This is no book for wattpad in the first place lol no offense to anyone But that s just how good it is Some real serious shit goes down in this book And if i may say it is even better than some contemporaries out there Give it a shot u dnt even need an acc I RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO EVERYONE GO READ ITTTIn fact i m saving you the trouble and giving you the direct link BE HAPPY She s bad news they are not paying me to do this ugh I WISH PSview spoilerI loved Flynn and Cor s relationship and how they slowly fell in love and omfg ujghrjhbz I was waiting the whole time for their first kiss and while i was reading i was like ok now but it never happened and i was getting impatient but when they actually had their kiss it was totally unexpected for me at least and it was just perferff idek what that word was THEIR FIRST KISS WAS GOLDEN XD hide spoiler

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Shes Bad News Read & Download ó 109 With Corinna's brother forever and she's never liked him What happens when her feelings start to change And will her family ever forgive her for her past. 35 stars rounded up to 4 Of course I m really judging based on my emotions right now soooooo possibly inaccurate When I was fourteen I was trying to get a grip on high school and crushing on assorted boys I was a fourteen year old with the prospect of boy options beyond the seven in my grade cut me some slack You can t tell me you wouldn t have been picky When Corinna Evans was fourteen she burned down a school There s a ocean s wide gap between us While I read this I found myself getting drawn into the story What exactly happened to Corinna Evans in the last four years and even before to make her into the young woman that she was now I also found myself mentally cringing at missing commas and typos Priorities Every single time Corinna curled up into herself instead of opening up to people made me angry Why wouldn t she tell her story People could help her And we got her story eventually Most of it There are portions that we still don t know at the end of the story Let s talk about Aaron I wanted to punch Aaron in the face most of the time He s just so damn pushy It was like yo Aaron Stahp Staaaahp and he didn t I guess that s one of the things about his character I didn t like him The other characters who were her friends of sorts were decent Likeable The mean ones were obviously not likeable but you even have to pity Rachel Until you want to slap her across the face and shake her and scream LISTEN TO YOURSELF The parentals seemed off I m not sure how the time flowed exactly but certain injuries magically vanished as if they were forgotten about However as a writer myself I understand how things can be forgotten between days or even hours working on a project Sometimes it felt like one thing happened and then we forgot all about it shrugs Whatever I was invested right to the end view spoiler which sort of seemed too clean Tied up tighter than a Christmas parcel shrugs I m not going to complain hide spoiler