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free read Claiming Her í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Kris Kennedy Í 6 download Ight He’s lived a lifetime of battles on land and sea crushing the opposition wherever he goesBut he’s about the meet his match in one beautiful woman who vows never to surrender to this dark haired avenging warriorColdly confident and absolutely certain he’ll succeed he’s blindsided byKatarina’s steely will Aroused by her fiery spirit Stunned to find the dormant fires of his i. 25 StarsI know this is a well loved book among my friends but I really struggled to get into it I love Irish history and was excited to read an Irish HR but it did not satisfy my cravings in either sense Besides a few small details it felt like it was set in a Castle that could have been Scotland or Wales It DID NOT feel Irish to me There were moments I enjoyed and moments are what they stayed Every time I felt momentum gaining something derailed it One of those derailing features was the character of the ueen There were times where her thoughts were featured as a POV That really bothered me In general I prefer major historical figures featured in as small of a role as possible and I didn t feel the degree in which her perspective was shown was necessary nor did it feel genuineThe romance was only OK It was too push and pull for me too yes and no I thought the dialogue sort of fun but also basic Ultimately I would not have finished without having joined a buddy read It was disappointing and unsatisfying for me though it was likely due in large part to the too high expectations I had

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Claiming Her

free read Claiming Her í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Kris Kennedy Í 6 download Ce cold heart being stoked by this defiant slip of a womanTheir battles of will–and the bedroom–fuel a passion that leaves them both scorched and stunned forcing them to rethink every lesson ever learned about loyalty and loveBut time is running out and armies are marching Can Aodh win her heart in time Or will the fire that fuels her defiance destroy everything he’s ever fought fo. Rating 375Real uick review with a detailed one to comeGreat start with strong characters and writing The hero was wonderful and I liked the heroine as wellboth had depth and evolved But as I progressed further into the book it seemed to get bogged down with dialogue and at times seemed too wordy But all in all a well written and character driven historical read

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free read Claiming Her í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Kris Kennedy Í 6 download USA TODAY bestselling author spins a tale of scorching passion rollicking adventure and fun banter in this battle of wills between a conuering hero and a strong willed heroine who has no intention of being conuered Irish warrior Aodh is coming home with an armyDefying the ueen of England he leads his men on an outrageous mission to recover the windswept Irish castle he sees as his birthr. 35 StarsOverall Opinion This was an enjoyable read I read in reviews words like banter and hot and was sold I do think that the tension was hot and the banter was spot on so in terms of hr for me that makes this a winner I did however feel like it dragged a little at times It took me a few days to complete and for me that says something I did appreciate that there wasn t a ton of back history about the area or timeframe but it felt like just enough to get me set up for this story I liked the author s voice so I do think I will try her works again in the future if any of you have recommendations I m all for itBrief Summary of the Storyline This is Katarina and Aodh s story Katarina has been the keeper of a castle in Ireland for the ueen of England for many years The ueen had decided to send one of her counselors to investigate a claim that Katarina has been involved in treason and to either detain her or marry her and take control of the castle Katarina is shocked to find her castle overtaken by Aodh who the ueen had betrayed by not giving the castle to him instead of the other nobleman There is some fighting but eventually neither of them can deny the strong connection they feel towards one another but Katarina knows that by marrying Aodh she will be seen as a traitor by the ueen for sure There are some suspenseful moments some sexy times and some sweet momentsand they get a HEA endingPOV This alternated between focusing mainly on Katarina and Aohd in 3rd person narrativeOverall Pace of Story Okay It did feel slow at times and as it was on the longer side it kinda felt that way too 364 pages in my kindle appInstalove No Instalust YesH rating 4 stars Aodh I liked him He was sweet at times but also sexy and alphah rating 45 stars Katarina I really liked her She was a great combination of tough smart and sweetSadness level Low no tissues neededPushPull Yes view spoiler The h pushes away a good bit because she is afraid of committing treason The H is the main pursuer of the relationship hide spoiler