(New) [Three Story House] BY Courtney Miller Santo

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  • Three Story House
  • Courtney Miller Santo
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  • 14 August 2019
  • 9780062130549

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characters Three Story House 109 Free download Three Story House Ousins and childhood best friends Lizzie Elyse and Isobel seek respite in an oddly shaped three story house that sits on a bluff sixty feet above the MississippiAs they work to restore the almost condemned house each woman faces uncomfortable truths about their own failings Lizzie seeks answers to a long held family secret about her father in her grandmother’s jumble of mementos and the home’s hidden spaces Elyse’s obsession with an old flame leads her to a harrowing mistake that thr Spite House a historic landmark in Memphis Tennessee and the house where Lizzie spent much of her childhood has fallen into grave disrepair In the time since her grandmother passed away the house was apparently abandoned and left to rot Now the city has stepped in and Lizzie and her mother are in danger of losing it unless it can be fixed to code Enter Lizzie s cousins Elyse and Isobel Best of friends since Lizzie s mother married into the family the three girls are as close as siblings Together they ll work to fix Spite House and uncover its secrets But the renovations also

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Three Story House

characters Three Story House 109 Free download Three Story House Eatens to destroy her sister’s wedding and Isobel’s uest for celebrity tempts her to betray confidences in ways that would irreparably damage her two cousinsTold in three parts from the perspective of each of the women this sharply observed account of the restoration of a house built out of spite but filled with memories of love is also an account of friendship and how relying on each others insights and strengths provides the women a way to get what they need instead of what they want I would call this smart chick lit it s very clever in that each cousin narrates a section giving meaning to the title I also loved the portrayal of the cousin relationship which I feel is a very special relationship There s some light romance and suspense and it s a bit of a coming of age novel for these women in their twenties I liked how it went back and forth A very satisfying beach read

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characters Three Story House 109 Free download Three Story House Renovating an historic Memphis house together three cousins discover that their spectacular failures in love career and family provide the foundation for their future happiness in this warm and poignant novel from the author of The Roots of the Olive Tree that is reminiscent of The Postmistress The Secret Life of Bees and Kristin Hannah’s novelsNearing thirty and trying to avoid the inescapable fact that they have failed to live up to everyone’s expectations and their own aspirations c Three Story House ended up just being an OK read for me The story was interesting but it just fell short The story told through the eyes of the three cousins each in their own section instead of alternating throughout the book I m not sure this format worked for me because I felt like I missed out on the other characters perspectiveI guess I wanted out of it I never really ended up connecting with any of the characters or their stories I felt kind of like I was reading an outline of the story and not the meat For instance we never got to see any of the romance between the c