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  • 24 August 2020
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Naked Sushi Read & Download ¼ 4 A My ex boss is a hiding corporate secretsb Hot copy room guy is an undercover FBI agentc I would make a kick ass spy Then Special Agent Hottie brings out his cuffs and things get really interesti. With a cover like Naked Sushi it is pretty obvious that there will be sexytimes in store for Jina Bacarr s spy based novella Unfortunately Naked Sushi fizzled instead of sizzled for me I am going to chalk that up to the writing style it just did not gel with me Further the characters aren t all that developed and I don t know I just feel disdainful toward the whole novellaRead the rest of my review here

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Naked Sushi Read & Download ¼ 4 Guy I thought was the new game designer The next I'm crashing my ex boss's business lunch in a creative attempt to get my job back and men are eating sushi off my naked body That's when I realize. Jina Bacarr writes some pretty spicy erotic for Harleuin She also really likes to add a Japanese touch to her books so I was really curious as to how the sushi figured into the story and what other elements she brought to the tablePepper O Malley is a geeky computer programmer who lost her job because she was getting some on the copier To try to get her job back she takes her friends job as a sushi model in order to talk to her old bossYes there are such things as sushi models where people eat sushi off of the body of a naked chickUhno thank youThe copy room sex is hot so at least she lost her job for a good cause but after that the story gets a little out of hand Jina s plot is a little too intricate to work well in a story that is only a little over 100 pages long It really needed some lengthBut I have to admit Pepper and Steve The FBICopier Guy have their moments some spicy and some silly so it gave the story some balance if not levitySteve The FBI Guy is trying to flush out her boss for some money laundering he s doing through his business and Pepper gets to go along for the ride It helps that she always wanted to work for the FBICIA So the two of them are in close contact and sparks are flying all over the place because they are bothwellhornyand they can t keep their hands off each otherThis is not a short story to be taken seriously it is one to read enjoy and maybe get a few laughs from

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Naked Sushi Read & Download ¼ 4 From Jina Bacarr comes a sexy and provocative new release from Cosmo Red Hot Reads from HarleuinOne day I'm getting canned from my job as a computer programmer for having wild copy room sex with a. I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalleyIt is a shame but it has to be said this novella disappointed me The idea behind the story is interesting enough geeky computer programmer works late and runs into a man she doesn t know but assumes is a new colleague in the copy room Next thing you know they re all but naked and having sex only to be interrupted by the office manager Pepper the geeky girl loses her job and goes to desperate lengths in order to get her job back This includes lying all but naked in a restaurant where her former boss as well as the man she encountered in the copy room are eating sushi off her body When it becomes clear that the mystery man is in fact a FBI agent named Steve trying to prove her ex boss is up to his neck in illegal transactions it takes very little for Pepper to become involved and get the opportunity of making her dream of being a spy come true This story line might have worked very well in a full length novel In a novella counting less than 90 pages it was just too much Especially since this book is trying to be than just a light hearted and funny spy story We are also in the middle of an erotic adventure and dealing with the traumatic backgrounds both Pepper and Steve are burdened with The word count just wasn t high enough to carry all these plot lines The result is a story that can t uite make up its mind as to what it is and doesn t really satisfy on any level Just when you re getting all caught up in the tension of the spying the mood switches to an erotic encounter which in turn might suddenly become a rather dark look at either Pepper or Steve s past For me this was a rather frustrating reading experience because I never got the opportunity to settle into the story Whenever I started to get comfortable with and involved in what was happening on the page the story would change and I would have to adjust to what could almost be a different book As a result none of the elements I normally enjoy in a book the mystery the love story the erotica had the opportunity to come to fruition leaving me slightly confused and frustratedLike I said in a longer book this set up might have worked very well In fact I would probably have enjoyed spending time with Steve and Pepper because both of them but especially our geeky girl showed great promise as characters This could have been a uirky and enjoyable read if it either had been longer or contained fewer elements As it was it left me rather bewildered and dissatisfied