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  • El ruido de las cosas al caer
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  • 10 July 2020
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El ruido de las cosas al caer Summary ↠ 0 A sua história e a de Laverde Histórias comuns às de tantos outros colombianos ue por terem nascido ao mesmo tempo ue o narcotráfico se viram irremediavelmente enredados nos seus danos colaterais Histórias ue encerram em si o destino da própria Colômbia'O barulho das coisas ao cair' é uma radiografia de uma geração paralisada pelo medo mas é também a história de uma amizade frustrada e uma dupla história de amor em tempos pouco propício. After reading an invigorating review by Glenn of the English version of this book I decided to reread this book Why I remembered many things that he noted in his review but I was curious This was the very first book that I read in Spanish and I wanted to know how well I read it as well as how my initial review stood upI was very surprised Yes of course this is a book about the drug violence of Colombia in the later 20th century and it deals with challenging issues such as terrorism and crimeBut I came away with a different angle At the heart of the story it is a love story and how one faces life s challenge Young Antonio Yammara learns painfully about life and love He makes friend with Ricardo Laverde a pilot with a shadowy background During an outing they are both shot by a drive by motorcyclist Yammara survives and wants to find out what happened while at the same time almost abandoning his wife and young daughter to understand whyVasuez shows his dynamism as a writer as we delve into the painful past of Laverde and the connections to the present A rollercoaster ride that is truly remarkable Politics the drug war tragedy and even the past can greatly influence people s lives How we deal with it is the challenge How we cope and it s outcomes can change our perspectives This is what makes this book so good We fall for the story wonder about our narrator Yammara and want a proper outcome But life changes thatWould bump this to a 45 and my favourite Alfaguara winner read to dateHere is the original 2012 reviewI first heard a radio interview with Vasuez on CBC Writers and Company last month and was intrigued by his life and his literary interests He was born in Columbia but educated in London and lived in Paris following after Garcia Maruez Vargas Llosa and Carlos Fuentes three writers that I admire He has spent the last decade living in Barcelona I was recently there and tracked down his most recent book The Noise of Things Falling This was a challenge as this is the first novel I read entirely in Spanish since the English translation is not due till the fall of 2012This book won the Premio Alfaguara de novela 2011 and there is a reason why it won it is a great read The story is a beautiful tragic and very disturbing tale that neatly unfolds the recent drug war in Columbia through the eyes of the main characters Antonio is a young professor who befriends an older man Ricardo Laverde who enjoys playing billiards When he is murdered Antonia begins to discover Laverde s past and uncovers a family caught up in the violent drug world Imagine a world where when you walk down the road you pay attention to where all the phone booths are because if there is a bombing you need to call home in those pre cell phone days Imagine a world where children visit a private zoo owned by the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar who killed many people and even blew up planes to make his point This book had so many revelations on Columbia good and bad What I like about Vasuez is he isn t preaching and our hero truly shows his feelings the he discovers Vasuez has been compared to Vargas Llosa and often I caught the same language and style in his words but he definitely has his own style He plays with words about sounds and things falling and even makes a joke about 100 years of Solitude by teasing the Columbian master s title His descriptive ualities are masterful and his characters both real and ambiguous but I like that uality Read this book when the English translations comes out

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El ruido de las cosas al caer Summary ↠ 0 Nvestigação ue o levará à década de setenta do século XX uando uma geração de jovens idealistas assistiu ao nascimento de um negócio ue acabaria por conduzir a Colômbia e o mundo à beira do abismo Passados vários anos sobre o tiroteio fatal Yammara depara se com a notícia da fugo de um hipopótamo do decadente jardim zoológico de Pablo Escobar incontornável barão da droga A bizarra fuga do animal é o pretexto ue leva Yammara a contar. First my thanks to David from Calgary who recommended this book to meA story set in Bogota Colombia The narrator is a young man who was severely wounded when his companion was murdered in a motorcycle drive by shooting The main theme of the book is how the violence of Pablo Escobar s drug wars impacted not only the narrator s life but that of a whole generation in Colombia mostly during the 1980 s The narrator is hospitalized for a long time and ends up with PTSD and agoraphobia that severely impacts his relationship with his wife and infant The man becomes obsessed with wanting to know why his friend was killed He learns about a secret cassette tape His dead friend was an older man who used to be an airplane pilot and who came from a family of pilots As he investigates the story is interwoven with bits of true history involving recent Colombian air crashes in which his friend s wife had been killed and historical crashes such as one in 1938 where a daredevil pilot performing for a a national patriotic celebration crashed into stands killing than 50 spectators and almost killing the President of Colombia Thus the title Other true history is part of the story such as Escobar s zoo he maintained at his estateThe author shifts the focus of the story around on us We think it s going to be mainly about the narrator Then as he starts investigating his dead friend we think it will shift to the pilot But then he gets in contact with his friend s daughter and it kind of becomes her story But in the end most of the focus ends up on his friend s wife killed in an airline crash who was an American Peace Corp volunteer in Colombia back in the 1960 s His friend s wife left a collection of letters and news articles that her daughter gathered We learn uite a bit about the operation of the Peace Corps in Colombia and to be honest the book drags a bit at this point The author creates a parallel between how Americans of that era marked time by dramatic events Vietnam Nixon s resignation Kennedy and Chappauiddick the Manson murders with how Colombians did the same Where were you when that car bomb went off that killed 100 people A good story translated from the Spanish that won the 2014 International IMPAC DUBLIN Literary Award I had also enjoyed another novel by this author The Secret History of Costaguana a historical novel about the building of the Panama Canal Photo of Bogata from diana auacomNewsclip from ebaycomThe author from expansionmx

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El ruido de las cosas al caer Summary ↠ 0 No instante em ue conhece Ricardo Laverde o jovem Antonio Yammara intui ue o passado do seu novo amigo esconde vários segredos A atracção de Yammara pela misteriosa vida de Laverde nascida em encontros ocasionais num salão de bilhar transforma se em verdadeira obsessão uando Laverde cai a seu lado ferido de morte por uma balaConvencido de ue resolver o enigma de Laverde revelará um novo caminho na encruzilhada da sua vida Yammara empreende uma i. 45 stars Ha damn Who knew it d take such a uiet and introspective novel to break my heart I m sorry because my fangirling probably won t help but I found Juan Gabriel V suez s storytelling just wonderful As often when I fall in love with a book especially when none of my friends have read it I ve been feeling a little self conscious and read a few reviews with low ratings I don t advise doing that lol In the end I m not able to acknowledge the flaws pointed there too much telling rather than showing because I just did not see that ShrugsMy experience with The Sound of Things Falling was opened the book started reading couldn t stop because really how could IIt takes a great author to lift us out of our every day scenery and make us feel like we re there without smashing us under the weight of too heavy descriptions In that aspect it was perfect anecdotes customs I was soon absorbed in this Bogot and was involved in the characters story almost instantly I couldn t stop reading even exhausted I couldn t put it down even at 4 in the morning I had to know to devour itMy heart in my throat and the worry the worry the passion brought me to this albeit uite ridiculous but not less valid at the time epiphany when I wanted to yell that THIS WAS WHY I WANTED TO READ BOOKS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD I did not It was 4 in the morning I am not an animal My lassitude with US settings has never been so clear than then when I wanted nothing than learn again and again about another country another history even fictionalizedJuan Gabriel V suez s talent for weaving the threads of his characters lives and attach the reader in the process forcefully doomed me to care for his characters no matter how great my disagreement with their actions could be and disagree I did That s okay I uickly understood the role I was meant to take I wasn t there to love them I was there to slowly unpack their memories and maybe maybe above the solitude and nostalgia find a little place in myself for them Spoiler alert I didAntonio Elaine Ricardo every one of these characters is flawed and unlikeable at times I can see how their behavior could alienate some readers but in all honesty I understood them especially Ricardo whose smile I d protect with my life MY HEART As for the plot I genuinely think that we should go in blind as I did that s why I won t develop it I didn t even read the blurb only picked it because it was part of my translated books list and I could not recommend doing the same strongly enoughI d recommend this novel to every reader who loves family sagas whose secrets no matter how trivial shape the characters into these real people we care about The Sound of Things Falling is not some action packed journey getting us from point A to point B this is rather a very character driven novel a fucking train wreck where solitude and nostalgia pour through every page and I am not okayNot a perfect book by any means Elaine s Americanism sure annoyed me a lot for one yet if you know me then you re well aware that I can overtake a few flaws if I am certain as much one can be certain of anything that goes without saying that the book I just closed will linger Well I believe that I won t forget The Sound of Things Falling anytime soon Oh noTW One scene contains cruelty towards an animal Also drugs For of my reviews please visit