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Summary Tease by Amanda Maciel Amanda Maciel ↠ 8 Read & download Download ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Amanda Maciel We didn't mean to hurt anyoneEmma Putnam is dead and it's all Sara Wharton's faultAt least that's what everyone seems to think Sara along with her best friend and three other classmates has been criminally charged for the bullying and harassment that led to Emma's shocking suicide Now Sara is the one who's ostracized already guilty according t. She asked for itIt didn t have to happen if she didn t do this if she didn t do thatWe didn t kill her She did this to herself How many times have we seen these excuses being said by bullies and perpetrators in defense of their horrible actions How many times have we read these kinds of comments by people on the internet heavy words easily thrown under the veil of anonymity Too many times I bet Once is already too much And every time I stumble upon such words such implications I feel dark and empty inside and I wonder if the people in our society are devolving into hideous monsters who have no ounce of compassion in their veinsSo to read a book about bullying about slut shaming from the perspective of a bully and a slut shamer was a different kind of experience I can t describe it but let s just say that after reading this book I felt like showering myself ten times overSara Wharton is about to go on trial A schoolmate of hers beautiful Emma Putnam with her fiery red hair was found dead in the garage of her parents house She committed suicide a tragic end that was the result of months and months of harassing and bullying online and offline from the clutches of Sara her best friend ueen Bee Brielle and the rest of their group Because of her death Sara believes her life is over She lost friends She lost her boyfriend Her life was ruined Why does everyone hate her now She never wanted this to happen She never wanted Emma to kill herself All she wanted was for slutty Emma to leave her and her boyfriend alone However she is about to realize that maybe just maybe things are not that simple Tease was hard to read especially the first 80 90% I ve read a lot of bullying books before but it has always been in the perspective of the victim making the characters easier to sympathize with This book was different in that sense as we see the story unfold from the perspective of a bully someone who showed a complete lack of remorse of what she has done someone who couldn t see beyond herself She wanted to please everyone in her circle especially Brielle to the point that she had sex with her boyfriend so they can have something in common to the point of bullying Emma just to keep up with ueen Bee For many years she has stayed in her best friend s shadow as her sidekick Brielle says skank she echoes it Brielle says whore she repeats it Brielle calls someone a bitch slut she doesn t hesitate to call that someone the same names too And every time she does she feels powerful Like she finally has an advantage over someone Like she can control them through the words she uses through the actions she does She gets a thrill out of it Who knew making someone fear you was so easy Just say a few things on Facebook make fake profiles on Twitter and you can change someone s outlook in life Just with a click Just with a few minutes And then that someone turns up dead the next dayYou can see why I felt dirty while reading Sara s thoughts She was so hard to like I hated how for the majority of the book she kept thinking she wasn t in the wrong So what if she bullied Emma Emma started it It didn t have to happen if Emma didn t steal her boyfriend Emma didn t have to end her life if she didn t allow what happened to affect her Excuses after excuses after excuses her internal monologue was largely disturbing and uncomfortable and I thought to myself is this what bullies think when they get caught That it s the victim s fault for being bulliedAnd the thing is it s probably what some of them think And it s probably encouraged by their peers and because of that they find themselves blameless It illustrates to us the possible reasons why there is so much victim shaming and slut shaming up to this day Everyone knew Emma was being bullied and yet no one really stopped it Since Sara and Brielle were at the top of the high school food chain almost everyone followed their lead Not to mention the lack of parental figures to help the teenager s morals also was a factor If there s no adult to lead you to help you to answer your uestions you turn to your peers It s not always the case but sometimes they re the bad influence There was a scene later in the book where Sara s absent father was scolding her for not being accountable for her actions He reprimanded her for being such a child and that she should grow up Sara hurt replied with tears non verbatim Maybe I am a child have you ever thought of that There was no one there to help me grow upOne thing is for sure this book made me think a lot about today s social issues As a culture as a society there is still much for us to learn so much for us that we need to be aware of From bullying to victim shaming to slut shaming these are things that still run rampant up to this day and it s such a shame that acts of kindness are the exemption than the rule But the thing is this toxic world that we live in there are many factors that contribute to its being poisonous It s true that it s up to the person to choose whether or not to make life hell for someone else but we ve to stop and pause for a while and think why such options seem better for certain people We have to look at the greater picture We need to stop thinking small and start thinking big There are societal structures that could be really improved on to make our environment a better place It also has to start in the family the basic unit of society We need to start being compassionate We can t assume that everyone is strong enough to take it all in We need to start putting ourselves in the other person s shoes before we do anything that could potentially emotionally hurt them We need to start seeing others as humans not as rocks void of feelingsAll in all Tease was a hard book for me to read and even harder to review So many thoughts are running through my head both positive and negative and I m unsure if I was able to put them across in this review But I always appreciate it if a book can push me to think critically and philosophize Difficult this book may seem to read it definitely opened my eyes to a very bitter and sad reality I ll conclude this review with thisSuicide is stupid You wanna know what is stupid Hurting someone so much emotionally that they think suicide is the only answer Mackle ItsMackle March 19 2013

Summary Tease by Amanda MacielTease by Amanda Maciel

Summary Tease by Amanda Maciel Amanda Maciel ↠ 8 Read & download Download ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Amanda Maciel Ike her own life is overIn this powerful debut novel inspired by real life events Amanda Maciel weaves a narrative of high school life as complex and heartbreaking as it is familiar a story of everyday jealousies and resentments misunderstandings and desires Tease is a thought provoking must read that will haunt readers long after the last pag. 35 stars

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Summary Tease by Amanda Maciel Amanda Maciel ↠ 8 Read & download Download ¹ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Amanda Maciel O her peers the community and the mediaDuring the summer before her senior year in between meetings with lawyers and a court recommended therapist Sara is forced to reflect on the events that brought her to this moment and ultimately consider her role in an undeniable tragedy And she'll have to find a way to move forward even when it feels l. Find all of my reviews at this little book sure sparked some strong opinions Here s the deal It s not an easy read For a YA novel Tease deals with some really serious issues Suicide slut shaming bullying just about everything nasty that can possibly come out of high school And the kicker It s told from the bad guy s perspective In order to lighten the mood and to confirm I m sick in the head I will be using the assistance of the Most Popular Girls in School to enhance this review The synopsis of Tease is as follows Sarah and a couple of her peers find themselves pending criminal charges after another classmate Emma commits suicide The reason THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE Seriously They re awful Like most high school bullies Sarah s hatred for Emma stems from simple jealousy Sarah starts rumors about Emma being a whore because Sarah s boyfriend opted to date pretty nice sweet Emma rather than her bitch ass Sarah and her friends do shit to Emma s house They play mean girl pranks on her at school They accost her at parties They seek her out in order to belittle her And they have zero remorse while doing it At no time does Emma ever retaliate As a reader I wished there would be one moment of self preservation for Emma where she just came back at these assholes and unleash the fury But since the outcome of the situation was given to me at the onset of the story I was well aware that was not going to be the caseSarah assumes Emma s lifestyle is something like this When in all actuality it s probably something a lot like this And never bothers to give her a chance or find out the truth Tease was a powerful debut and one that I would encourage teenaged girls to read I look forward to what Amanda Maciel delivers next