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Kitty Slave Free read Ì 109 Diana Mendez was the pretty girl in high school the girl who could get any boy simply with the flash of a smile One of those boys Ian Craig has done very well for himself Since he’s searching for an assistant Diana decides to interview for the position After all she could seduce him in school so she thinks she still has what it takes to wrap this man around her little fingerBut he remembers exactly who she is and what she deserves So during the interview Ian pulls out a dart gun and sedates new pet Diana may have believed that she would be able to take control but she was sorely mistakenWhen Dia

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Kitty Slave Free read Ì 109 Ttle kitty so he gets other toys like a laser pointer It is so much fun to watch her chase that dotDespite her brutal intelligence and willingness to deceive and manipulate Diana may be in real trouble She might not be able to get free from Ian's influence before he convinces her that she really likes eating from a bowl and licking on commandPublisher’s Note This 24000 word novella contains explicit content which some readers may find objectionable Adult and domination themes include puppy play bondage forced ff bisexuality oral sex and electroshock punishment All characters are over the age of

review ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ó Sara Tyr

Kitty Slave Free read Ì 109 Na awakens she is fitted with a collar and a leotard The leotard is uite special a top of the line training device used for defiant women like Diana When he uses a particular phrase it shocks her from every direction at once insuring her ultimate obedienceDiana may start out with the desire to control this man but her world is about to get considerably smaller She is going to learn to crawl on her hands and feet like a good little kitty Pretty soon she will think about anything but pleasing her new Master and playing on the floor with a ball of yarn Of course Ian wants to have some fun with his li

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