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  • 25 September 2018
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SUMMARY A Night of Living Dangerously ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Like Cinderella at the ball Lilley’s fairytale wish is about to be granted She’ll swap her grey suits for a fabulous dress and killer heels and dance the night away with t. I actually liked a JL book wow I am still in shock Lilley is a very sweet but totally unconfident woman and Alessandro is the usual JL alphahole but in this one JL finally gives him enough POV to make him understandable and really kinda likeable He is an ass to Lilley several times in the book but Lilley really wasn t a doormat in my view She was very honest and very giving and very open about how she felt and what she loved She develops a lot of self insight over the course of the book and once she figured out her problems with how she handled new experiences she set out to have what she wanted Alessandro made some big idiotic mistakes because of his own personal short commings but I felt like he understood where he went wrong and I was also forgiving of how he came to be the person he was The usual trope of a past woman doing him wrong was given an unusual twist and I respected that and importantly I believed it There is an ugly scene where Alessandro denounces Lilley with the encouragement of his former mistress and in front of a huge crowd of people but IMO that scene was Lilley s shining moment You could see how far she had come in her own self respect at that moment and plus you know that Alessandro will be begging for a second chance really soon Alessandro did act like an idiot but he also finally figures out how to get his head out of his rear and he does come through with a really cute grand gesture at the end Not only does he make the GG but he also explains his idiocy to Lilley and his contrition comes across as very sincere I believed it anyway Overall I am still in shock that I liked this cause usually with JL I get tired of the melodramatic angst filled internal musings and I also think her H s are just too rotten to live with Happily none of this applied for me in this one cause JL managed to write a tension filled emotional story with characters that were understandably human and made some bad mistakes but I still wanted to see both of them be happy with each other

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SUMMARY A Night of Living Dangerously ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Tting his Little Mouse secretary into bed Lilley has never taken such a risk before but this is her night of living dangerously Who is going to call time on the fairytale endi. I adore the ONS love at first sight trope mostly because I don t believe in it in real life but this one didn t work for me It had the right ingredients plain plump heroine with a reading disability who works as a humble filing clerk in the billionaire s office He s been given an ultimatum to put a ring on it by his gf and while he s fuming in his office at her audacity hears the h crying Both are mutually smitten at first sight He drags the sob story out of her She walked in on her boyfriend in bed with her best friend turns out the two cheaters are in love Insert puke hereHe decides they should do a one up on their ex partners and show up at a charity ball together It s in a few hours but her fairy god Hero does his magic and surprise not she turns into a voluptuous hottie that he can barely keep his hands off and she s like cheating bf who that I got me a real man Before the night is over she wants him but she s virginal and he has fastidious rules about ONS he s sure she can t keep They succumb to passion and she keeps to the bargain but he does the Hero asshole thing and fires her in the nicest way possibly by offering her another job in a galaxy far far away Sorry been binge watching Star Wars with kidsBut while Padme and Anakin had the mother of all reasons for keeping their union a secret this one was pathetic So you had a little office fling it was still a major dick move to get her to sign off on not suing for sexual harassment He redeemed himself a little and it was a good scene where she tracked him down to tell him of her pregnancy but they both lost me soon after Too much sex scenes not even steamy hot at the expense of character developmentAnd I hated really hated that she forgave her best friend for cheating with her boyfriend so uickly She even accepted partial responsibility for it and continued to stay with them Guess this was supposed to show her forgiving nature but I didn t care for it Cheating within a relationship is complicated there s always layers and I dislike judging But your best friend Nope Best friends are people you run to when you ve been cheated on not people you run into when you discover the cheating Unlike other readers I enjoyed the fairy tale knight moment at the end so it upped a star for me but it wasn t a great read the writing seemed amateurish and I couldn t connect with the charactersNote to self Never read a HP after watching Darth Maul ui Gon Jinn and Obi Wan No H has enough testosterone to beat that

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SUMMARY A Night of Living Dangerously ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB He man every other woman wantsbut only for one night When the clock strikes twelve Alessandro Caetani does not do happy ever afters In fact his charm extends only as far as ge. Why can t they do believable covers The female model on the cover looks just that tall leggy model and certainly not a little mousesex kitten etc Or maybe the guy isn t as tall or broad shouldered as he s supposed to be Personally I still prefer and drool over the illustrations of the HPs of yore They knew how to make all your fantasies come trueAnyhow the h is really uite sweet and open hearted My friend Debbie has that right You can t but adore her for loving so openly and selflessly And yes she has a personality and I liked her dignity at the walkout But she could have confessed a lot sooner and those but I thought you knew or I ll tell him soon excuses only work or rather don t work in HPs He s a true tstl H with zero judgment No wonder he was losing contracts left right and center I won t rate him the cruellest as he wasn t intentionally so just that he had no brains to speak of if he could be so easily led by the ow and not check out the facts firstAnd all that typically HP emotional hurt excuses from way back in the last century don t really wash first time in nineteen yearsnever in sixteen yearswhat And frankly his ex from years past sounded like a street smart practical woman and not really an evil heartbreaker So all that misery by tortured past excuse doesn t really wash in this book It annoyed me how he discourages her to follow her dream pushes her to conform and leaves her open to malice and insult though he acuits himself on the last one even before he does the cherry on the top himself He actually dumps her twice and both times abominably Thinking of the humiliation scene as in RL no relationship can really survive such a public laundry washing scene It can only lead to eternal sniggering and asides So a world class grovel was rated but he does a mini fantasy playout and she melts in a puddle at his feet I ve read this making a fool of himself proves that he really loves her routine in few books but I d say this H didn t pass muster If she was humiliated publically he too should ve done a public declarationcrawling to even out And no comeuppance for the ow One star struck offETA Oh And that poor excuse for a father who never bothers to keep in touch he gets to be redeemed He s so paranoid that she wants his money with no proof ever of it being so he disinherits her but we re to believe he loves her Just for the all s well again in la la land ending