A Love in Darkness (PDF)

  • Paperback
  • 275
  • A Love in Darkness
  • Dean Henryson
  • English
  • 05 April 2020
  • 9781496122612

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A Love in Darkness Free read ´ 104 He can bend people's minds to face the truth and yet he barely seems to notice or care about Sharon She wants Laif to be interestedBut he's focused on saving an eight year old gi. I received a copy of this book from the author in no way will this reflect as bias ness in the following review Thank you 5 Stars Because Adriana I ll admit when I began this book based solely on the blurb itself I didn t know if I d enjoy it because it doesn t really sound all too promising But then you start reading and you just want to know what how and why what s happeningis happening Literally about 10 pages in so many things took place that you wonder if this will make sense as you go on Written simply in a common author format this novel leans towards real life situations with a major tweaking Some kind of darkness Which is implied in the title and is in turn completely fitting to the tale o o The blurb makes it sound as though Sharon female lead is basically trying for Laif s male lead attentionwhen it s everything but The story focuses on Cindy a small child only 8 years old who Sharon is watching over as she s her assigned foster care social worker Cindy was placed into foster care after her family put her through some serious abuse forreasons I will leave out because spoilers and it disgusts me According to the blurb Cindy is destined to save millions of people if her soul isn t corrupted But with such parents and the state trying to get her back to her natural family you can see why that would be such a problem Sharon and Laif are to look within themselves to be able to save Cindy from her downfall but of course that will also be a journey considering Sharon first laid eyes on Laif when he stood by and just watched an accident play out Or was it How to trust someone like this The characters are relatable even if they were in their late 20s and older they had their own struggles to deal with and yet they try their best to save this little girl they barely know Each one had a strong personality and stood well on their own Sharon Though at times I wanted to kick and whack her was a much needed character She was the one who insisted on the well being of Cindy and gave her all to see that through She s had her fair share of grief and reasons that drive her through the book to do what she does Even so she s yet to face something she needs to in order to move on Laif A strange man who appears out of nowhere with this ability to make people face the truth Literally making them see no matter how bad it is and of course it comes with conseuences He also has this interesting phobia that actually comes with a logical reason that upsets me to think about Cindy Mistreated for reasons that aren t her fault Abused little girl with a large destiny Can t explain too much without spoiling things The only one to have not judged AdrianaAdriana Cindy s foster sister 9 years old one legged I leave the reason on how that came to be inside the book for readers She is a precious little girl who s been teased mocked abused for so long because of her disability it s infuriating So much love inside this girl I cannot Easily the reason why I read the book to the end no matter how frustrating everything got I wanted her okay happy Creo This neutral guy I can understand Sharon s irritation with this guy but in the end he proved extremely helpful no matter how nonchalant he behaved And Fred And Sunny Mary Joe Cindy s crazy sht parents I don t even know where to begin they irk my entire life I m not sure who I d recommend this book to but it s worth the read It wasn t fair what happened to these children and the book takes them through all their hardships to face what they ve hidden away for so long Everyone has a darkness in them no matter how good they are That darkness can always cause a downfall if not carefully guarded

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A Love in Darkness Free read ´ 104 E and Sharon are told to look inside themselves to save her What could be inside that is so important Unless they find out Cindy will be lost to evil forever Now available on com. It had some good conceot but failed to keep my attention in several places Just not my type for writing style

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A Love in Darkness Free read ´ 104 Rl Cindy on Sharon's caseload of foster children This girl is destined to save millions of people if her soul is not corrupted But he can't use his powers to help Cindy Instead h. I couldn t put the book down Very well written and an awesome read Go Laif Won book from a goodreads giveaway