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  • Casanova's Chinese Restaurant
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  • 23 September 2018
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READ Casanova's Chinese Restaurant Anthony Powell ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ì Casanova's Chinese Restaurant A Dance to the Music of Time – his brilliant 12 novel seuence which chronicles the lives of over three hundred characte 5 CASANOVA S CHINESE RESTAURANT This fifth period is a bit different So far all the volumes were consecutive in time sometimes with a few years gap between one and the next While at the beginning of Casanova s Chinese Restaurant we jump back in time a few years and the Narrator introduces a different set of dancers After the initial flashback however the story continues and we find ourselves in the second half of 1936 when the Civil War in Spain has begun and where I encounter the best sentence I have read so far on that war I think both sides are odious and the time of the abdication of Edward VIIIThe new group of dancers in the fifth volume are appropriately a coterie of musicians If painters and painting make a striking visual presence in the Dance from the beginning and writers have been running with the narrative all along for the Narrator is after all a writer in this volume the society he observes is of the musicians the most abstract of all artistsWe are made to feel that musicians stand apart thinking of the curious special humour of musicians and also of the manner in which they write ideas words and phrases gushing out like water from a fountain so unlike the stiff formality of painters prose And the attraction of music is precisely its abstraction the lack of identifiable narrative which leads Powell s dialoguing characters to criticise the new painting the literary content of some Picassos makes The Long Engagement or A Hopeless Dawn seem dry pedantic studies in pure abstraction and the new literature You might as well argue that Ulysses has story than Uncle Tom s Cabin or The Rosary when it claims unsuccessfully to shun narratives precisely what music has always done So a whole symphony of composers is evoked and one wants to put on the CDs as Liszt Brahms Shostakovich with Communism as its accompaniment Sibelius and Les Six Debussy offering the entry into the Spain of the war through his Iberia resound through the novelAnother striking element is that for the first time the reader is made aware that the Narrator may be not entirely reliable In one scene his wife corrects his account when he says she was present at a particular dinner No I wasn t This particular dinner party had been treated in a previous volume and the wife is right The reader can now doubt other accounts and can also infer something about the personality or sentiments of this constantly elusive narrator After all he does sometimes take his wife for grantedThe Dance is taking now a new gravitas not just because it contains a tragic element but because of its soberer tone Deaths have been encountered before but now the tragic is presented in the context of the complexities that humans have to face through our destiniesOne of the effects of Time passing

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READ Casanova's Chinese Restaurant Anthony Powell ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ì Casanova's Chinese Restaurant Ers as they negotiate the intellectual cultural and social hurdles that stand between them and the “Acceptance World” There is probably something wrong about thinking you ve realized your ideal in art or anywhere else It is a conception that should remain in the mind Anthony Powell Casanova s Chinese RestaurantPowell s fifth book opens with a flashback to the late 20s and a discussion about love marriage and suicide The book processes through the challenging marriages of Hugh Moreland composer friend and Maclintick music critic friend and their two difficult marriages St John Clarke dies Erridge see Orwell is back from Spain Af far as plots go like most of Powell s books there really isn t much happening A couple dinner A couple parties Memories and flashes of insight into friends and their motives Art music writing is discussed at length People die If I was pitching it as a movie it would be a difficult pitch but it is beautiful thoughtful and gentle The entire novel reminds me of listening to the 3rd movement of Mahler s 5th symphony Powell s prose just glides As you are spinning though the chapters and scenes Powell throws a couple prose flowers of truth at you and you spin on Faces are recognized spin and blur out Themes emerge crystalize and disappear just as uick Yet at the very end you also find a dark pull to the gravity of this novel What you initially took for a carousel is actually a ghost railway and all at once the reader is slowly climbing sheer gradients sweeping with frenzied speed into inky depths turning blind corners from which black gibbering bogeys leapt to attack rushing headlong towards iron studded doors threatened by imminent collision fingered by spectral hands moving at last with dreadful ever increasing momentum towards a shape that lay across the line

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READ Casanova's Chinese Restaurant Anthony Powell ´ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD ì Casanova's Chinese Restaurant Rs is a uniue evocation of life in twentieth century EnglandThe novels follow Nicholas Jenkins Kenneth Widmerpool and oth Marriage fidelity infidelity relationships friendships death and all things having to do with life as our hero grows older and deals with new information and family ties Part 5 is excellent and whets my enthusiasm for the rest of the series