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  • 12 September 2019
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Having Leo's Child Free download Ñ 104 O didn't stop there He kissed Teri with all the sizzling heat that had fired their affair But she couldn't forget that Leo had never conside. It was just okay The couple have crazy chemistry so that s good but until the heroine got pregnant it really seemed like it was all they had She was his convenient booty callSo I totally saw where the heroine was coming from and I understood her hesitation at accepting the Hero s proposal when she got pregnant Although the Hero was a nice and decent guy he never took her out anywhere they had been having sex for a year and she had never been to his house she didn t even know where he lived Apart from basic info they didn t really know much about each otherSo yes I guess he point of this story is that they were now obligated to build a relationship with each other since the heroine was pregnant and they both wanted the baby It helped that they were both nice decent persons and committed to working it out It helped that they had many things in common as it turned outWere they in love I don t know seems like hey we re good people who cared for each other and thankfully had good chemistry

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Having Leo's Child Free download Ñ 104 Get this Teri and get it good You are going to marry me It takes two people to do right by their child And we are going to do it together Le. The lady doth protest too much methinks Simple plotline he wants to marry her but she refuses him because she thinks he s marrying her simply because she s the baby oven Three words for the mom to be Get over yourselfAnd of course the high strung do or die drama HAD to unfold when she was at the moment of giving birth You don t loveplease let me dieI do love youOnly saying that Never loved me Only the babyThat s not trueTis true Cause of the babyNoYou didn tcome back But it was you having my child that drove me backDon t believe youI swear to God I love sharing my life with youNever said nevernever saidI did say Didn t love meIf I were the delivery nurse privy to this inane conversation I d increase her Lidocaine Stat Like hello If the guy basically grovels for months for the mistake he made serves her hand and foot and kowtows to everything she want what MORE does she need for proof of his love His throbbing heart like a sacrificial offering to the altar of the goddess of love Annoying read I don t even want to imagine how miserable she would make everyone else feel if she gets post partum depression

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Having Leo's Child Free download Ñ 104 Red marrying her before she got pregnant and at no time had he mentioned love Would the tie of their child be enough What pricethis marriage. Una lettura carina e scorrevole ma nulla di ch