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Marie de France Free read à 100 Rrative verse poems; selected fables; and a generous excerpt from Saint Patrick's Purgatory a long poem based on a well known medieval legend Each text is accompanied by detailed explanatory annotations For comparative reading two lais Bisclavret and Ynec are accompanied by Marie's facing page originalsBackgrounds and Contexts is thematically organized to provide readers with a clear sense of Marie's inspirations Topics include The Supernatural Love and Romance Medical Traditions Fable Sources and Analogues Similar Themes and. These are wonderful lais lays and fables presented in an entertaining much closer to the original manuscripts poetic fashion Also included thankfully are a few of the tales in Anglo Norman If you are familiar with middle English and old French they are not difficult to accessThis collection of works by Marie de France is for those looking to get a closer feeling to the poetic form that medieval lais were originally intended to be readIn addition there are a few essays for context as well as other interesting texts including a little information about courtly love touching from Ovid s view of love and its impact on the medieval understanding of the courtly style popularly explored by Andreas CapellanusIt is great to see Norton Critical Edition take on Marie de France

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Marie de France Free read à 100 Winner of the 2016 Northern California Book Award for Translation of PoetryHonorable Mention for the 2015 Modern Language Association's Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Prize For Translation of a Literary WorkMarie de France was a medieval poet who was probably born in France and who lived in England during the twelfth century Prominent among the earliest poets writing in the French vernacular Marie de France helped shape the style and genres of later medieval poetry This Norton Critical Edition includes all of Marie's lais short na. I ve read Lanval Yonec Sir Orfeo and Chevrefoil Sir Orfeo is my favorite of them so far I read these for various classes and I think they re beautiful precursors to portal fantasy as one of my professors arguedSir Orfeo 4 starsChevrefoil 4 stars Lanval 3 stars Yonec 3 stars

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Marie de France Free read à 100 Purgatory and the Afterlife Ovid Chaucer Andreas Capellanus Boccaccio Aristotle and Bede are among the authors includedFrom the wealth of scholarly work published on Marie de France Dorothy Gilbert has chosen excerpts from nine pieces that address issues of history and authorship as well as major themes in the lais fables and Saint Patrick's Purgatory The contributors are Thomas Warton Abb Gervais de la Rue Joseph Bedier Leo Spitzer R Howard Bloch E A Francis Jill Mann and Jacues Le GoffA selected bibliography is also includ. While I m no expert on Anglo Norman literature nor do I read the language I am inclined to agree with those hailing Dorothy Gilbert s translation She manages to mostly preserve Marie s metre and rhyme scheme while capturing the sentiment of late 12th century literary traditionsThe supplemental material is thorough and provides an overall understanding of an obscure corner of literature often ignored by those who aren t students or scholarsI focused on Marie s Lais her most famous contribution chiefly because should my conference proposal be accepted I ll be composing an in depth analysis of Lanval as well as other lesser known entries Nonetheless her Fables are an interesting read second only perhaps to the great Aesop St Patrick s Purgatory the final entry is also worth a deep diveWere I reviewing for only my ilk I would award 55 stars but I ve deducted one because the texts would probably not spark the interest of the general reading population A far cry from contemporary fiction the tales here rely heavily on the supernatural and stress the courtly nature and good standing of its heroes and heroines a shorthand for virtue in Marie s day that no longer works in the 21st century Their minimalist presentation and the verse form feels archaic when compared with today s outputNonetheless for those readers looking to learn a little about medieval literature courtly love affairs or proto feminist offerings this book is a great starting point Marie was one of only a handful of women who published at the time and her narratives are often a fresh departure from the hyper masculine texts in circulation contemporaneously Of course even a forward thinking woman like Marie was still unable to completely break away from the patriarchal norms of her day and many of her lais are complicated by this notion I could say on this but why give away all the finer points of next year s potential presentation