(EPUB) [The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1]

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1
  • Angi Morgan
  • en
  • 18 October 2020
  • 9780373748624

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DOWNLOAD ´ The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1 CHARACTERS ð FUTBOLENTRELINEAS.CO ☆ Angi Morgan FREE READ The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1 How safe she feels in Pete's strong arms But when things take a turn for the worse and Andrea exchanges herself for the abducted student only Pete can save her from the horrible fate that awaits he. I really enjoyed this book I loved the story line action suspense and romance Andrea was strong heroine Her father was a military officer most of the time throughout the story she called him commander and not dad He taught her how to shoot fly a helicopter life saving skills and basic first aid Andrea ended up using all her father had taught her when faced with illegal aliens that was part of a drug smuggling ring Andrea s father was assigned to the Customs and Border Protection office reporting directly to the DHS The leader in the ring wanted to kidnap her and make a deal with her father to transport the drugs Pete was Sheriff and appointed himself as Andrea s body guard I loved the way the two worked together as a team He was impressed with a lady that could shoot and wasn t afraid to do so I loved this book and I m looking forward to reading the other books in the series

FREE READ The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1

DOWNLOAD ´ The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1 CHARACTERS ð FUTBOLENTRELINEAS.CO ☆ Angi Morgan FREE READ The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1 Beautiful astronomer who witnessed a gun smuggling operation and a college student's abduction Determined to be independent a relationship with her conflicted protector isn't in the cards No matter. loved it cant wait for the next one


DOWNLOAD ´ The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1 CHARACTERS ð FUTBOLENTRELINEAS.CO ☆ Angi Morgan FREE READ The Sheriff West Texas Watchmen #1 TEXAS STYLE PROTECTION Sheriff Pete Morrison knew the the secret in his past could destroy his father Yet instead of resigning his job and exposing the lie he found himself protecting Andrea Allen a. Good book Andrea is trying to finish the work on her PhD which means all night at the observatory telescope watching for the appearance of a new star Then she ll have the credentials she needs for an overseas job away from the influences of her prominent parents neither of whom are happy with her presence in Texas One night she witnesses some strange lights that may be smugglers finds a badly beaten man and is run off the road and almost killed as she tries to get him to a hospital She s rescued by Sheriff Pete Morrison but nearly kidnapped by a fake Homeland Security agent Andrea is in danger and Pete is the one assigned to keep her safe while they try to find out who wants her and whyI liked both Andrea and Pete Andrea is smart funny and determined She knows what she wants but she suffers from somewhat overprotective parents especially her father As he is somewhat high up in his current profession his interference is particularly frustrating for her When she sees the lights that night her first thought is to get pictures so she can find out what it is When she finds the injured man by her car she knows she needs to help She keeps her head pretty well during the attack that follows and again at the hospital Pete s insistence on protecting her makes her feel safe but she also wants to protect her independence Her attraction to him isn t helping her keep her distance As they work together the attraction keeps getting stronger but both of them have reasons they shouldn t get involved Attraction overcomes reason and things between them get pretty intense but their obstacles are still there I liked the way that she resisted getting sent away for safety and insisted on being involved in a way that could help I especially liked the way she was shown having some doubts about whether she was doing the right thing and that she had fears about what could happen It made her realistic as a character I also liked her relationship with her father who at times seemed overbearing and others he was just a worried dad At the end I loved how it was the combination of dad and commander who was able to make her happy ending possible Pete has become the acting sheriff as the current sheriff who is also his adoptive father is preparing to retire He has some decisions to make about his future because running for election as sheriff would reveal a secret about his past that could be trouble for his dad He likes what he does but causing trouble for his father is not an option The trouble that comes his way via Andrea isn t making things any easier It becomes obvious that there s going on than a simple car accident when he rescues her from an attempted kidnapping Having Homeland Security involved and his forced participation in the task force makes it likely that his secret won t stay one for long Added to all of that is his attraction to Andrea Besides the chemistry between them he just plain likes her She s smart and funny even if he doesn t always understand what she s talking about He d like to pursue a relationship with her but with his past it isn t possible In the meantime he s determined to keep her safe and her insistence on being in the middle of what s going on is making him crazy When the unthinkable happens and she is taken it s Pete that has the ability to save her and he knows that she s counting on him to do just that And when it s all over he has to have the willpower to let her goThe suspense of the story was good It is a continuation of the theme of drug and weapons smuggling that has been in previous books by the author There were some very intense moments especially at the end as Andrea s safety was at risk There were many possibilities they had to consider about what was happening and why and the steps they had to take to cover each one I really enjoyed seeing the various personalities on the task force and how they worked together It will be interesting to see which ones appear in future books