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  • Democratic Art
  • Sharon Ann Musher
  • en
  • 06 August 2020
  • 9780226247182

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Democratic Art Free read Û 100 Ered a frivolous waste of funds as surely many would be today In Democratic Art Sharon Musher explores these uestions and uses them as a springboard for an examination of the role art can and should play in contemporary society Drawing on close readings of government funded architecture murals plays writing and photographs Democratic Art examines the New Deal’s diverse cultural initiatives and outlines five perspectives on art that were promi.

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Democratic Art Free read Û 100 Throughout the Great Recession American artists and public art endowments have had to fight for government support to keep themselves afloat It wasn’t always this way At its height in 1935 the New Deal devoted 27 million roughly 461 million today to supporting tens of thousands of needy artists who used that support to create than 100000 works Why did the government become so involved with these artists and why weren’t these projects consid.

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Democratic Art Free read Û 100 Nent at the time art as grandeur enrichment weapon experience and subversion Musher argues that those engaged in New Deal art were part of an explicitly cultural agenda that sought not just to create art but to democratize and Americanize it as well By tracing a range of aesthetic visions that flourished during the 1930s this highly original book outlines the successes shortcomings and lessons of the golden age of government funding for the art.