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Aramaic Light on Genesis Download Ø 104 If you instinctively shy away from commentaries Aramaic Light on Genesis will surprise you No dull theological seminary text this commentary will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good narrative It carries you back almost four thousand years providing an unusual perspective on the book of Genesis This inimitable commentary acts as Near Eastern guide revealing to the Western mind a intimate picture of the socio religious and psychological environment of the period Its approach is simple informative and scholar.

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Aramaic Light on Genesis Download Ø 104 Turned into a pillar of salt and much This volume is not just a revision of Dr Lamsa s Old Testament Light commentary on Genesis 1964 Dr Errico has edited expanded and annotated the previous comments in the new format that Dr Lamsa desired In addition this book contains unpublished material that the two of them had only drafted prior to Dr Lamsa s death in 1975 Dr Errico completed these comments adding information derived from his continual research in Aramaic word meanings and Near Eastern Semitic Studie.

Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á Rocco A. Errico

Aramaic Light on Genesis Download Ø 104 Ly without using specialized theological terminology The comments are written in narrative form opening a doorway into the Near Eastern culture of the times the powerful faith of the patriarchs their visions and dreams and their unsophisticated lifestyle Aramaic Light on Genesis unlocks many misunderstood passages of scripture The authors clarify the Creation epic poem the Adam and Eve story Noah and the great flood the Tower of Babel the mysterious priesthood of Melchizedek Sodom and Gomorrah Lot s wife.

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    E–pub Aramaic Light on Genesis Rocco A. Errico Á 4 Download This is not a book to read then lay aside to be forgotten It is a book to add to the reference shelf and be studied along with other parallel and commentary books Aramaic and ancient Hebrew is similar and actually have roots in the same language and Errico helps the reader to undertand both languages as used in Genesis The Bible especially the Old Testament contains expressions and idioms that readers particularly western reade

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