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  • 04 October 2020
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What Well Leave Behind Thirty Eight #25 characters Ï 109 O meeting himHaving just finished his Bachelor Julian Moors can’t wait to party away the last three years of university All he wants from his holiday in Thailand is to relax on the beach drink and have the time of his life However the moment his eyes land on the beautiful blonde reading on the beach he knows he can’t stay away All h. The moment Julian spotted a beautiful love a beautiful bond reading To Kill a Mockingbird in the beach he felt captivated and new he had to get her know He wanted to know what was the story behind this girl Stevie was having a break from school and went to Thailand with some friends as her friends find plans of their own and now she was alone at the beach reading a book when a stranger approach to herThe attraction and chemistry was obvious since the beginning and with a promise to pass a good week together they also agree to say no full names now past just to enjoy the momentThis book is a novella and the start to Julian and Stevie story Is like a memory boult to show what happen between them before they meet again after for years The story is so full of love and great characters Also full an incredible love storyYou don t need to read the novella to understand the novel What You Left behind but it is a great resource to get of Julian and his incredible way of talking You re going to fall in love with me Blondie I don t know when I don t know howBut you will

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What Well Leave Behind Thirty Eight #25 characters Ï 109 Is other wants no longer matter What does matter is getting to know the girl behind the mockingbird Enter Stevie and Julian’s memory vault No names No past Just right nowSeven days to fall in loveSeven days until their endSeven days until they both wake up heartbrokenAnd four years until they meet again Official cover reveal coming so. Another 5 for me

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What Well Leave Behind Thirty Eight #25 characters Ï 109 One chance meeting on a white beach in Thailand would set their story in stoneEighteen and fresh out of high school Stevie Appleton is about to embark on a form of freedom she has never known When offered the chance to go to Thailand to celebrate the end of high school she takes it What she doesn’t know is that saying yes would lead t. WWLB gives us an insight into a week in Thailand where two strangers meet and fall for each other Julian Moors is celebrating the end of his university degree while Stevie Appleton has come to relax after finishing high school They re both looking to relax but aren t uite prepared for each other I loved this book for me it highlighted a moment often wondered about ever since first meeting these characters in the earlier Thirty Eight books I love seeing a different Stevie and a different Julian to the ones we have met later in their lives I think if anyone is picking up this book who is not yet familiar with these two there s a couple of things to keep in mind We don t learn a lot of detail about their backgrounds or their futures We get hints for sure but this is very much a snapshot of a week which just reflects what it was like for these two people as they meet and spent their time together without talking of their relevant past We don t get a full sense of exactly why Stevie acts the way she does Her actions and thoughts at times frustrate but it makes complete sense she is young and just on the cusp of adulthood Julian is the one who commands most attention I loved seeing how he fell hard and fast and has a lot less reservations than Stevie as he s sure of himself and where he s at in his lifeReaders will get the most out of this novella if they ve read the previous Thirty Eight books Thirty Eight Days and Thirty Eight Reasons as I have You ll have met Stevie and seen a little of Julian before and so you ll appreciate this snapshot all the Of course we are left wanting that s exactly how a preuel novella is meant to leave us and I can t wait to read the next I received an ARC of this book for the purpose of an honest review