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Read & Download Tracing the Path â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Tracing the Path is an anthology of poems by The Cascadilla Poets Peggy Billings Inta Ezergailis Jon Frankel Bridget Meeds and Ann Silsbee with guest poets Yi Ping and Lin ZhouIn a collection like this one a reader could single out the virtuosity of one poet a purity of tone of another or the verbal mastery of a third but to do so is at odds with the intent The gifts of each contributor are substantial but their mutual accomplishment is even remarkable This group of poets can serve as a model for many others of us today whatever our age and calling from the introduction by James McConkeyfrom Tracing the PathJon Frankel Down Below a Baby CriesA corkscrewturning to be freeSo strongThe whole human mu.

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Read & Download Tracing the Path â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Such small singsas I'd been capable of clenched my handsprayed sitting straight God's good pupil as the bombs saturated allNow there was life refugee camp German schoolthe goldpaving of Ottawa or Bostonor the Australian outbackThe senses in their timid floweringseized on the dress in a shop windowon the way to school a shopwhich must have been expensiveThe single dress lay seductivelyat a languid angle fluid silkyNo manneuin pure sweet virginit was waiting for me aloneTranscendence without mediationThe missed years of slow awakeningsof stirrings in the body denied space and timetrying to find root turn delicately outwardDid someone buy it someone rich and gloriousThe town was Rosenheim home of ros.

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Read & Download Tracing the Path â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Scle and its brainAre bent to one conclusionThe mother walks it back and forthThrough leopard spots of sunInta Ezergailis The DressIt flows in the window lightgreens reds some pink the same and not the sameas one some fifty years agoin the window of a storeof a small Bavarian townso soon after the Warthat we had no books but took noteson organic chemistry and Cornelius Neposin neat deferential German longhandNew lives were being offered sparinglyIt was possible to cash in on survivalsomehow though life was not as richas it had looked in the bunkerwith Berlin being swept away outsidewhen all seemed possible if one was sparedwhen at twelve I thoughtI had brought on the warand begged forgiveness for.

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