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  • Judge Me Dear Reader
  • Erwin E. Wirkus
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  • 22 March 2020
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Judge Me Dear Reader characters ´ 104 Oh be careful as you judge Emma dear reader Few characters in Church history are as misunderstood as Emma Smith A member of the Church from the beginning and a staunch supporter of her husband through his trials and eventual death Emma lived a. I read many of the reviews for Judge Me Dear Reader and found many reactions I first read this book many years ago in the late 1970s when it was first published and when I knew very little about Emma Smith s life I had already heard various opinions and rumors about her however and wasn t sure what to think of them At my first reading I found this book to offer fresh insight into Emma s life and a viable and charitable perspective from those I had previously heardI just reread it over three decades after my first reading and still found much of value in this book Many who have commented here said they didn t know how they felt about the book being written in first person from Emma s point of view Writers often use artistic license and the first person perspective to bring a story to life I thought it was effective realizing of course that the author was doing his best to portray Emma as realistically as possible without having walked in her shoes Considering he is a man and of a different time and generation I thought he did a respectable job of speaking on behalf of this misjudged woman and attempting to portray her as a real person who had endured unimaginable hardship and loss No one could ever fully understand her feelings her thinking or the workings of her mind and heart But I believe this author did well at presenting a brief easy to read narrative of Emma s life in an entertaining and informative manner with the information available at the time of writing Since that time about her life has come to light but still much is left to speculation about her true feelings I find this to be true with any biographical material No one can ever speak for another with complete accuracy and understandingI appreciate Erwin Wirkus obvious admiration for Emma Smith and his efforts to counteract the negative opinions circulating about this amazing woman while also portraying the struggles of mind and heart she had later in lifeI would recommend this book to anyone seeking to catch a possible glimpse into the life of this complex and elect woman

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Judge Me Dear Reader characters ´ 104 Rch of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints By showing Emma in a sympathetic light the author reminds each of us that Emma and everyone else will be judged according to the desires of their heart by the only one who can see things clearly the Lor. I bawled like a baby towards the end of this book Emma was an amazing woman and I hope and pray she receives a beautiful reward I think I would have given this 5 stars but the writing drove me nuts Sometimes it was smooth and then an anyways was thrown in I knew it was a male author but it was still hard for me to picture her saying some of the statements Women would have elaborated or not said some of the uirky things that were thrown in especially women of that eraThat being said it was a great compilation of history with a better understanding of all that Emma suffered and her strength that helped the Prophet in his duties and calling I have a better understanding of Emma and a deeper appreciation for the sacrifice she and Joseph made

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Judge Me Dear Reader characters ´ 104 Difficult life yet many wonder how she could have turned her back on the beliefs that she held so strongly and suffered so much for Judge Me Dear Reader is the story of Emma one of the greatest champions and most criticized members of the Chu. The premise is great but the content was lacking I felt like the author was guessing a lot and had very vague details a lot of the time Still an interesting read into the life of a woman who little is known about I did learn a few new things but overall I was a bit disappointed in how vague the book was