The Mark of Cain (E–book)

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The Mark of Cain Download Ö 104 F the damned comes to town to try to keep the Cains out of the electric chair Like Inherit the Wind The Mark of Cain is a courtroom drama with one foot in the history that inspired it and the other in the turbulent time in which it was bo.

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The Mark of Cain Download Ö 104 It is 1925 Ossian Cain a widowed black doctor with a teen daughter a new wife and baby and a dentist brother buys a home in a white neighborhood in a northern industrial city On their second night the Cains are threatened by a mob that ca.

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The Mark of Cain Download Ö 104 Lls for lynching and hurls rocks through their windows During the confrontation a white man is shot dead The entire family is arrested and charged with first degree murder Summoned by the local NAACP legal legend Charles Durham defender o.

  • Paperback
  • 98
  • The Mark of Cain
  • Gary Earl Ross
  • en
  • 24 March 2020
  • 9781365048982