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  • 12 February 2019
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Read & Download ↠ Enemies of the State 104 OrldFor Special Agent Ethan Reichenbach Jack is just another president the third in twelve years With Jack’s election he’s been promoted and now he’s running the presidential detail which puts him side by side with Jack daily He’s expecting another stuffed suit and an arrogant DC politician but Jack shocks him with his humor and humanityThere are rules against a Secret Service agent and one of their protectees developing a friendship big rules Besides Jack is a widower and Ethan has always avoided falling for str Re read October5 stars Yes Yes I m in love again and thank goodness my heart is huge and I can keep falling in love over and over Jack has just become the POTUS and as the most important man he needs protection Nathan is the leader of the secret service for jack he is also openly gay unlike Jack who is straight and a widow Working together JackNathan formed a special bond and soon Nathan finds himself attracted to Jack He battles with his feeling for Jack and that fact he can also lose his job since it s against the rules to have any kinda of personal relationship between protector and protectee Enemies of the state was the whole package everything I love in a book Fast paced filled with action twists and turns betrayals conspiracies who s a friend and ally or enemy there was never a dull moment In the midst of all this was the relationship between JackNathan and

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Read & Download ↠ Enemies of the State 104 Aight men Ethan keeps his distance but Jack draws him in like gas to a naked flame and it’s a lure he isn’t strong enough to turn away fromAs the two men collide rules are shattered and the world teeters on the verge of war and a rogue Black Ops unit bent on destruction sets Jack in their deadly crosshairs Ethan must put everything on the line in order to save the man he’s come to love Jack’s presidency and the world Expanded second special edition with 15000 additional words expanded scenes and character artwork The President and the Special Agent Of course I have read it If anything it is original I am not sure why this is happening lately but I keep discovering great MM romance books Maybe it is because my tastes have changed Maybe it is because new great authors manage to get published The result is me being a happy girlTake this book for example It is extremely well written and it has the correct balance of romance and adventure I loved itThe love story described in this book cannot be complicated Ethan Reichenbach is the head of Secret Service detail in White House He has experience protecting and working for US presidents and a committed enthusiastic team of agents who are mostly his friends and respect him He never had to hide the fact that he is gay Nobody really cared for his sexual orientation and he was never judged although his best friends and team membe

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Read & Download ↠ Enemies of the State 104 A rogue Black Ops unit with the president in their crosshairsA Secret Service agent who will break every ruleA president falling for the one person he shouldn’t a man Newly elected President Jack Spiers’s presidency is rocked from the very beginning and he’s working furiously to keep the world from falling apart Between terrorism attacks ripping apart Europe Russia’s constant posturing and aggression and the uagmire of the Middle East Jack is struggling to keep his campaign promise to work toward a better safer w In order to read this book you have to suspend disbelief IndefinitelyAnd then I had three major problems with this book Whaaaaaat Only threeFirstly this is unrealistic Not a little or much Just I M P O S S I B L E I spent the first 25% rolling my eyes six ways to Sunday and the rest 75% I managed to combine the eye rolling with some kind of grumpy acceptance I was sinking in despair seeing how ridiculous it all was seeing two grown up men behaving like teens Their infatuation lead them to make great mistakes and missteps because they can t simply control themselves even when the situation they are in reuires a composure none of these guys happen to have a hint aboutHow is it possible Jack Spiers became President of the USA How is it possible Ethan Reichenbach is the detail lead of the POTUS not only once but also three times before Jack Really I appreciate f