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Shark Bait Aristotle Soc Socarides Book 8 review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Cape Cod has become the world’s hotspot for the Great White shark In growing numbers scores of the fearsome predators patrol local waters to hunt for their favorite prey among the crowded seal colonies But unlike JAWS where a shark terrorized an island community the beasts that have flocked to the shores of the world renowned summer resort have been good for business The spotter planes shark warning pennants beach closings and occasional seal kills have created an air of excitement rather than fear At lea. Aristotle Soc Socarides former Boston cop now captain of the pleasure cruiser Thalassa II and occasional Cape Cod PI finds his boat in dry dock while the engines are repaired and so takes a contract job helping ferry a Hollywood director and his swashbuckling pirate actors from island to island that make up the film set The job was only available as the previous boat s mate had an unfortunate accident with a great white shark and as part of the work includes underwater filming stress levels are raisedIn this exceptionally witty and fast paced thriller we get vintage Paul Kemprecos as he weaves a tightly plotted story with a real sense of tension and momentum spliced with a twist of humor Soc has also taken on a local oyster farmer s complaint of theft and so trying to keep up with demands of his only client he mixes his hand in the sordid world of movie sets secret agents and a DA who has him on his radar tooIn a wonderfully descriptive fashion we are treated to as Soc would say a novel of the finestkind cap n and learn that the most dangerous sharks are not those trolling Buzzards Bay but the ones with two feet that are ready to ambush you on shore

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Shark Bait Aristotle Soc Socarides Book 8 review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Based on the legend of the reputed witch Goody Hallett and the notorious pirate Sam Bellamy As if things aren’t complicated enough an old flame wants Soc to prove Emma is innocent And a fading movie star Soc has admired for years reuests his help dealing with a gang of murderous thugs acting under the orders of an international war criminal It doesn’t take long for Soc to find himself swimming in dangerous waters where he learns the hard way that the most dangerous ‘sharks’ are the two legged specie. InterestingSix is in the movie business this time and up to his neck in mysterious goings on Who is And s hairdresser and her husband How much of the Pirate s Daughter is truth and how much is legend

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Shark Bait Aristotle Soc Socarides Book 8 review ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook St that is until Kirk Munson is found dead in Cape Cod Bay and the suspected killer is a Great White named Emma Part time PI Aristotle “Soc” Socarides has been too busy trying to keep his charter fishing business afloat while attempting to avert a family crisis to pay much attention to all the shark fuss But when he and his faithful old pickup truck become collateral damage in what should have been a routine oyster poaching case he takes Munson’s place steering a boat for a film crew shooting a movie. Lucky SocBad luck has hit retired Boston detective where it hurts With a cracked block on his fishing charter boat he s up the creek without a paddle with his family making demands that he not miss any of his boat payments So when a job opening opens up on movie making crew Soc takes the job of Captain and camera diver but he get much mor than bargained for