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Saving Lives in Africa Read ☆ 108 Omic and gendered ineualities illustrates one of the central disconnections of development and humanitarian practice today the contradiction between the increasingly positive and simplified ways in which development organisations market their achievements and the persistent difficulties they face in fundamentally addressing the structural causes of povertyThe book will be of interest to students and scholars in fields such as Global Health African Studies International Development Studies medical anthropology as well as development practitioners and policy make.

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Saving Lives in Africa Read ☆ 108 In the last decade access to AIDS treatment has rapidly increased across Sub Saharan Africa Saving Africans with AIDS medicine has come to represent the best of our international development efforts But what are the unintended effects and local implications of this life saving project What happens when the humanitarian imperative to alleviate suffering is implemented through local organisations in landscapes characterized by political and social ineualityThis book focuses on local Catholic organisations in Uganda examining how the employees and volunteers in th.

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Saving Lives in Africa Read ☆ 108 Ese organisations mediate and translate the medical and governance technologies of AIDS treatment This analysis takes us into the engine room of how a localized form of Global AIDS treatment takes shape It charts how Catholic ideals and practices are negotiated with the logic of individual choice and responsibilityThe book shows how Global AIDS treatment contributes to the local production of new ineualities The way in which the numbers of saved lives serve to legitimize the provision of AIDS treatment while glossing over the continued importance of social econ.

  • Hardcover
  • 160
  • Saving Lives in Africa
  • Louise Mubanda Rasmussen
  • en
  • 14 December 2020
  • 9781138672413