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Pocket Guide to Pocus Summary Î 0 A uniue pocket guide to the use of ultrasound at the point of care Lately there has been an enormous amount of interest in the use of ultrasound for both procedural and diagnostic guidance at the point of care Understanding that physicians both in practice and in training have limited time Pocket Guide to POCUS has been intentionally and thoughtfully designed to be a portable uick reference to real world clinical situations.

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Pocket Guide to Pocus Summary Î 0 Pocket Guide to POCUS provides tips and reminders for issues and challenges encountered at the point of care uestions such as what images to acuire and how to get them are addressed as well as a uick glance at pathology in comparison to a normal image For learners at all levels this pocket guide will minimize the angst of scanning and prevent some of the common pitfalls the authors have observed over their than 50 cumulativ.

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Pocket Guide to Pocus Summary Î 0 E years' experienceEach chapter of the book is divided into four sections Key Images Acuisition Tips Interpretation and Pitfalls Examples of PathologyThis information is conveniently located on cards that can be removed from the book and brought with you to the bedside You can take notes on the cards check off the scans that you've done and of course refer to them in order to provide your patients with the best care possibl.

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