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    EBOOK You Owe Me One Evil awakens and hurls its hateful focus in gothic Paris France It spreads its murky wings through continents and centuries Sex murder and profanity prevail against virtueEerie with daemonic passion and thrillingly ornate scenes this horror story will have you bathing in Holy Water

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    EBOOK You Owe Me One Read â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Kathryn Hollingworth Read & Download You Owe Me One I received a free copy of this book from Hidden Gems Books in exchange for an honest review25 stars The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist Charles BaudelaireThat's the uote that kept coming to me as I read this book What better way to lure your next victim than to choose someone who's not afraid of you because to them you aren't real? That's the dilemma Charles and Joe both face as they try to rega

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You Owe Me One Summary ò 105 Believe in the DevilExcerpt from an editorial review by the OnlineBookClub February 2019I had a terrific time with You Owe Me One and the themes were illustrated magnificently It was intriguing to see Satan working this way in a horror novel and yet human protagonists fighting back That’s something that’s laughable in most stories yet it felt perfect here It’s a sort of David and Goliath story but with two Davids across time and far than a single confrontation The pacing is terrific; like a rollercoaster it spends plenty of time getting to the particularly horrific parts but once it gets there it’s a heck of a ride There are ups as well as downs and just like the characters it’s easy to feel a bit of blissfully ignorant security before all hell figuratively breaks loose It was intriguing to see all the ups and downs of being in league with Satan I’d never in a million years even jokingly suggest teaming up with Satan but Kathryn does a terrific job of letting Joe and Charles see the upside of being his servant making it even harder for them to resist The themes of temptation and corruption were strong and they reminded me of the struggles Bilbo and others faced with the One Ring from the Lord of the Rings novelsI really loved this book and enjoyed it so much that I jumped out of my comfort zone into a book almost twice as long as I normally read107000 wor.

Read â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Kathryn HollingworthYou Owe Me One

You Owe Me One Summary ò 105 Two young men living separate lives than a century apart are hounded by a dark entity Against the backdrops of nineteenth century Louisiana and Paristhrough to modern day Florida they each struggle to save their souls and to find happiness This is a story about the battle between good and evilWinner of a Literary Titan Gold Book Award March 2019httpsliterarytitancom20190303Author Interviewhttpsliterarytitancom20190210Editorial Review of You Owe Me One 5 StarsPosted by Literary TitanYou Owe Me One by Hollingworth KathrynThrilling from the beginning You Owe Me One by Kathryn Hollingworth is a devastatingly intricate tale the covers centuries and delves into the minds of than one person Broken into six parts with the chapters jumping from one first person perspective to a completely new one the thread that connects our characters is long The narrative crosses hundreds of years and genders to bring us a delectable tale of what happens when the Devil makes himself explicitly known to man Wonderfully written readers will have a hard time putting this book down until they reach the very endTo smoothly jump from the perspective of a young woman in the early 2000’s to a young man in the latter part of the 1800’s is no easy feat It’s hard enough to balance multiple characters but a writer worth their salt would need to be able to put themselves into the shoes of each char.

Kathryn Hollingworth ↠ 5 characters

You Owe Me One Summary ò 105 Acter and write with their personality in mind Because these snippets are all shared from the first person perspective it is easy to see how truly difficult this task can be Hollingworth knows this craft and she knows how to write an intriguing story without giving away her secrets at the beginninguestioning a religion as old and powerful as Christianity is no easy task But that’s exactly what Hollingworth does Her characters do anyhow Even when they are face to face with the Devil himself; wrapped up in a strange series of events that deliberately push the envelope against religion’s place in the modern world Hollingworth treads with respect and care She has done her research that much is certain It’s this respect and care that wraps everything together in a nice package and delivers it to the mind of the readerIn a thrilling journey of memory loss curses standing the test of time and deals with the Devil You Owe Me One by Kathryn Hollingworth is a book that deserves praise and picking up The writing is excellent as the tale takes on a life of its own Readers might find themselves jumping at every noise in their home or shying away from ornate mirrors for a while but it’s worth the minute discomfort Hollingworth is a benefit to her craft This tale is woven so tightly and with little space for error that it’s an enjoyable read The uestion then becomes do you.

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