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  • Hardcover
  • 32
  • Birthday on Mars
  • Sara Schonfeld
  • en
  • 24 April 2019
  • 9781524791223

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Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Sara Schonfeld Birthday on Mars Free read Ò 104 Oring it all And this rover's birthday is a perfect time to celebrate curiosityFor nerdy parents fans of space or those who are just curious relive the moment when the Curiosity rover sang itself happy birthday in 2013 after one year on Mar. Curiosity is the name of one of the robot rovers that was sent to Mars to explore and collect information and images of what it discovered to send back to people on Earth This picture book imagines what this might be like for Curiosity what it does on Mars whether it might be lonely all by itself It even shows Curiosity singing happy birthday to itself A sweet upbeat story about the rover and about the value of being curious with some factual information about Mars and Curiosity s mission included afterwards Might be a fun choice for storytimesI was sad when I heard about Curiosity singing happy birthday to itself so far away This book celebrates its mission though and its curious nature people designed it to explore Sure it probably isn t actually lonely but you know anthropomorphizing The illustrations of Curiosity make it look super cute and are surprisingly expressive Curiosity experienced some memory issues in February 2019 but was expected to be reformatted and returned to duty in March Any updates

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Birthday on Mars

Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Sara Schonfeld Birthday on Mars Free read Ò 104 Hbor and a little robot named Curiosity is investigating the planet for us Join for a tour of the place this rover calls home Get to know Mars through eye catching illustrations of an alien landscape and the adorable robot in charge of expl. I know Curiosity is just a machine but I am still sad for it

Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Sara Schonfeld

Free read Ó PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Sara Schonfeld Birthday on Mars Free read Ò 104 Even robots have birthdays Celebrate Curiosity and wish happy birthday to one of NASA's most famous Mars rovers in this beautiful picture bookThe book is adorable a celebration of curiosity and exploration GeekDadcomMars is our closest neig. This would be cute for a birthday boy or girl who loves Space andor robots but it is not particularly educational regarding Mars or Curiosity The text is very simple and primarily about an anthropomorphic Curiosity broadcasting a message back to Earth on its birthday The illustrations show Curiosity roaming about Mars but there are no details in either text or illustrations to really explain what it s doing there or the importance of the mission It is cute enough my four year old has asked for multiple rereads and champions the idea of being curious I could see it being a bit hit with some children but if you want any in depth info of the subject you ll need to look elsewhere We really liked Curiosity The Story of a Mars RoverHere s a fun link for the Curiosity birthday song