Red Card [Free E–pub]

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  • Red Card
  • Kautuk Srivastava
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  • 06 June 2020
  • 9780143441953

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Red Card Read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook One team One year Everything to loseWhen Rishabh Bala reaches the tenth standard life takes a turn for the complicated The bewildered boy feels the pressure of the looming board exams and finds himself hopelessl. A nostalgic read Red Card is all about the woozy dizzies of first love and whoopsie daisies of unfiltered aggression the constant parental pressure the zeal towards a sport or hobby the blind loyalty towards one s team the insights and outlooks and confusions of a teen in general All the plans that needed to be made all the responsibilities reuired to be shouldered Along with that add in an ounce of humor a pinch of mammoth stress and loads of passion and you get a pleasant coming of age read from Kautuk Srivastava where the transition is portrayed strikinglyIt s a light read and realistic as well And the ending is so beautiful and heart touching maybe because it reminded me of my last day of Board Exams it felt like re living a precious moment A fantastic reading experience overall And if you are looking for a similar experience with a thrilling football drama in the background go for it

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Red Card Read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ue as it does familiar Hopscotching from distracted classrooms and tired tutorials to triumphs and tragedies on muddy grounds this is the journey of Rishabh and his friends from peak puberty to the cusp of manho. Any idiot can kick a ball I don t want footballers I want champions That means one thing and one thing only disciplineRed card by Kautuk Srivastava talks about the unanticipated turn that the life takes when one reaches adolescence Puberty is a very complicated phase of life where everything feels like collapsing You have your acadamics your hormones your so called popularity and your parental and peer pressure Everything changes once you enter this phaseAdolescence is the part of one s life that they will never forget It plays a big role in what a person becomes or achieve in their future lifeWhen Rishabh Bala enters through the doors of puberty into tenth class he s torn between multifarious things to deal with He has his looming board exams his love life and his dream of winning the football tournament trophyWhat s the best thing about this book it is that it is relatable to every person who s going through this stage or has been through it It s an adventurous and nostalgic confluence of being a teenager with the wish to achieve the things they wantMost of the plot revolves around the action in the muddy fields so all footballs fans should pick this one up definitelyThe characters were amazing and in their raw true formThe writing skills of the author are praiseworthy and of course the pinches of humour added by the author here did wonders for the narrationIt made me laugh it made me feel the emotions the protagonist was going through which is the best way to judge a bookSo if you wish to relive your school days or have laughter escape your mouth then pick this book upMy Rating 5 5Thankyou for providing me an opportunity to review this book

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Red Card Read Ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Y and hormonally in love But what he yearns for most is victory on the field at least one trophy with his beloved school football teamSet in the suburban Thane of 2006 here is a coming of age story that runs uni. RED CARD by Kautuk Srivastava is a coming of age story that brings back all your teenage memories First off football fan or not you need to pick this book upThe story begins with the nail biting FIFA WORLD final between France and Italy and the infamous Zidane headbutt incident As all the French fans are enraged by the heat exchange between the two players three teenagers in Thane India scream at the French midfielder whereas Rishabh our protagonist is overjoyed with Italy scoring the final goalThe passion for football among this group of friends seeps out from the very first page of the book and it makes you nostalgic of your adolescence RED CARD is narrated through four football tournaments that RIshabh and his friendsclassmates play throughout the year After the sudden resignation of their football coach Rishabh and his team are left distraught with only two weeks remaining for a football match to be held with one of their rival schools However football is not the only thing that the boys need to worry about with the tenth boards just around the corner it is nearly impossible for them to balance both academics and sports at the same timeRED CARD isn t merely about football but is rather a sum total of all the major events and emotions that one stumbles in their teenage years With the pressure of studies building up his heightened feelings of infatuation for Tamanna struggling with peer pressure and his parents constant comments on his bad grades Rishabh is just the most ideal and relatable protagonist one could ever ask forSrivastava has written a book full of drama witty humor puns and everything spicy that keeps you hooked until the very last page I have never said this about any Indian author but this is definitely one book I m going to re read just to relive the experience one time