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  • Home for Erring and Outcast Girls
  • Julie Kibler
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  • 05 December 2018
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Download Home for Erring and Outcast Girls º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Julie Kibler ë 0 Download characters Home for Erring and Outcast Girls 14 hours 21 minutes An emotionally raw and resonant story of love loss and the enduring power of friendship following the lives of two young women connected by a home for fallen girls and inspired by historical events In turn of the 20th century Texas the Berachah Home for the Redemption and Protection of Erring Girls is an unprecedented beacon of hope for young women consigned to the dangerous poverty of the streets by birth circumstance or personal tragedy Built in 1903 on the dusty outskirts of Arlington a remote dot between Dallas and Fort Wor. 35 stars The Berachah Industrial Home for Erring Girls in Arlington Texas that is depicted in this novel was a real place A cemetery is what remains of this institution founded by a minister and his wife They were dedicated not just to helping girls and women who erred but also their babies a different approach from other homes for unwed mothers at this time A uick internet search will lead you to a number of articles and photos of the place which provided a safe haven for so many The story is comprised of three narratives two from the early 1900 s one 2017 Lizzie Bates and her baby girl Docie are living a horrible life after unspeakable treatment and a drug addiction brought on by an evil man She is hanging on to her life by a thread but hanging on to her daughter for dear life when she is rescued by Christian women and brought to a home Maddie Corder is living her own hell is trying desperately to save her sick baby boy Cap She makes her way to the home and the two connect and we see the beauty of friendship and caring as their fate over the years is revealed Cate in the current story is a university librarian working on archives whose research connects her to these two women In the process of piecing together their lives she finds herself While Cate s story was moving in its own right it really was Lizzie and Maddie s stories that captivated me Perhaps because their stories were based in fact but also because it took me a while to see how the narratives were connected other than because Cate was researching themThe author s note at the end lets us know how well researched the novel is Many of the characters were based on real people and the Kibler lets us know the places where she has taken liberties While I admired the strength of these women and appreciated the historical significance of the home I had a hard time making the connection between the past and present stories thus the less than four star rating Having said that I enjoyed the writing and hope to read Calling Me Home as it has been on my list for uite a while I received an advanced copy of this book from Crown through NetGalley

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Download Home for Erring and Outcast Girls º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Julie Kibler ë 0 Download characters Home for Erring and Outcast Girls University librarian uncovers the hidden histories of the two troubled women as she stumbles upon the cemetery on the home's former grounds and begins to comb through its archives in her library Pulled by an indescribable connection what Cate discovers about their stories leads her to confront her own heartbreaking past and to reclaim the life she thought she'd let go forever With great pathos and powerful emotional resonance Home for Erring and Outcast Girls explores the dark roads that lead us to ruin and the paths we take to return to ourselve. Thanks to Netgalley and Crown Publishing for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review This is a solid historical fiction about an important role that the Berachah Home for the Redemption and Protection of Erring Girls in Texas played in supporting and providing a place for women and their children Similar to other books of this genre there is a contemporary timeline and a historical timeline early 1900 s The different women Cate Mattie and Lizzie represent the many women who have experienced trauma and heartache There s no doubt in my mind that this is a bookclub contender I just wished during my entire reading experience that I could have liked it I know I know we reviewers often fall back on that line and it might not appear genuine But this is one of those books that I REALLY wish that I could just rave about and sob into my pillow or have difficulty talking about with a reader friend Because these charactersin all timelines really experience hardshipBut I felt the pace was really slow and even though I tried to put it aside and read other books and then try and return to it I just never reached that place where it was any better than a 2 star rating for me No need to throw the rotten vegetables at me I have already thrown the basket over my head Goodreads review 180619 Expected publication 230719

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Download Home for Erring and Outcast Girls º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Julie Kibler ë 0 Download characters Home for Erring and Outcast Girls Th's red light districts the progressive home bucks public opinion by offering faith training and rehabilitation to prostitutes addicts unwed mothers and ruined girls without forcibly separating mothers from children When Lizzie Bates and Mattie McBride meet there one sick and abused but desperately clinging to her young daughter the other jilted by the beau who fathered her ailing son they form a friendship that will see them through unbearable loss heartbreak difficult choices and ultimately diverging pathsA century later Cate Sutton a reclusive. 45 stars Emotional Informative Powerful UnforgettableEstablished in 1903 in Texas the Berachah Industrial Home for the Redemption of Erring Girls was an unprecedented institution that offered a chance of hope for girls who had little to no options left in life Prostitutes poor homeless abused the Home offered a refuge for women fleeing their terrible situations Differing from other organizations this home offered rehabilitation training spiritual counsel and support for unwed mothers without separating mother from child The goal was to provide a safe haven for young women while training them to become productive members of society Lizzie and Mattie are two of the young women who reside at the Home in 1905 finding true friendship together Lizzie s daughter Docia was only a toddler when she arrived and grows up feeling the love and support of all who reside and work within the HomeIn 2018 Cate is a librarian and is working in the university library Archives She becomes fascinated in piecing together the journals and articles about the Berachah Home She feels personally connected to the girls who once resided at this unparalleled nurturing shelter of its timeThis novel unfolds through three perspectives Lizzie Mattie and Cate and two timelines I was completely captivated by both timelines and I loved all the characters eually yet uniuely They each had their own intriguing and engrossing back story that slowly unfolded as the novel progressed I have not had a reading experience like this before The novel started off strong I felt an immediate connection to the storyline and characters However I started to struggle with some sentence structure I m not sure if I wasn t focusing properly but I found I had to reread sentences several times The words weren t flowing smoothly but I remained fascinated with the storyline and characters It is not a book to be rushed it needs to be slowly savoured to get the true feel of the writing and the times Once I slowed down a little I was able to absorb the words smoothly and enjoyably Around the 23 point the pace picked up immensely and I hungrily devoured the rest of the book That last section of the book really kicked it up a few notches for meThere is one major twist that completely blind sided me in the latter half of the novel It was unexpected cleverly plotted and such a brilliant addition to the storyFinishing this novel I felt sad to leave these characters I truly enjoyed spending hours with them Reading the Author s Note at the end made me love this book even Knowing these characters and this Home are based on real people and events makes it even impactful I am in awe of the founders of this Home in a time when it would have been difficult to show these ruined women respect I thank Julie Kibler for writing this novel and opening our eyes to these unsung heroes of their time Side note it was eerie to read the parts of this novel referring to living in uarantine during the Spanish flu all while we are in uarantine for COVID 19Thank you to NetGalley for my review copy and my lovely local library for the loan of the physical copy