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Gone at Midnight Free download ä 2 Review Gone at Midnight S revealing online journals and social media posts Anderson realized he shared in common with the young woman than he imagined His search for justice and truth became a personal journey a dangerous descent into one of America's uiet epidemics Along the way he exposed a botched investigation and previously unreported disclosures from inside sources who suggest there may have been a corporate conspiracy and a police cover up In Gone at Midnight Anderson chronicles eye opening discoveries about who Elisa Lam really was and what or whom she was running from and presents shocking new evidence that may re open one of the most chilling and obsessively followed true crime cases of the centu Elisa Lam s death was and still is one of my favorite unsolved mysteries I am very excited to see where the authors take this Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram

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Gone at Midnight

Gone at Midnight Free download ä 2 Review Gone at Midnight Remely difficult to access without setting off alarms The only apparent clue was a disturbing surveillance video of Elisa uploaded to YouTube in hopes of public assistanceAs the eerie elevator video went viral so did the uestions of its tens of millions of viewers Was Elisa's death caused by murder suicide or paranormal activity Was it connected to the Cecil's sinister reputation And in that video what accounted for Elisa's strange behavior With the help of web sleuths and investigators from around the world journalist Jake Anderson set out to uncover the facts behind a death that had become a macabre internet meme as well as a magnet for conspiracy theoristsIn poring through Elisa' In 2013 Elisa Lam was a 21 year old student who checked into a seedy ominous hotel in Los Angeles a hotel with a history of violence suicides and death and she never checked out What followed was probably the most bizarre investigation one in which Elisa Lam in her death has been elevated to cult like statusAfter Elisa went missing and police were notified there was a search of the hotel They could not find her It was as if she had just up and vanished A week later when tenants and guests began to complain about the odor and color of the tap water in their sinks and someone went onto the roof to look into the water tanks they discovered to their horror Elisa s naked body floating with her clothes beside her And this is truly when the mystery begins and still remains unsolved How did she get thereThe book Gone at Midnight chronicles Elisa Lam s movements as best as can be done both by eyewitness and social media posts the history of the Cecil Hotel where she stayed and was found dead a hotel where not one but two serial killers stayed an odd video which was mysteriously posted of Elisa in an elevator at the hotel which may be her last movements just before her disappearance a video which you can see on YouTube and if you are going to read the book I suggest you view many conspiracy theories law enforcement suppression of evidence and lastly how mental illness may have played a roleUp to today although the coroner finally ruled the death accidental only after he first ruled it as inconclusive there are uestions than answers as to what happened to Elisa and how she ended up in a water tank on a roof even though the roof had been searched by police and dog sniffers a week prior to finding herAuthor Jake Anderson became obsessed with the case and still is after seeing the initial elevator video which shows Elisa s odd behavior Was she being followed or was she having some sort of manic episode Anderson then found out the tape seems to have time missing from it Why He then began looking at Lam s on line social media presence which was abundant And stopped abruptly two days before her deathHe seems to find evidence of policecorporate conspiracy at the Cecil Hotel as well as evidence suppression With no official from the police department or the hotel willing to talk to him about anything Anderson begins looking on the internet at website conspiracy sites and finds a plethora of information some real and some outlandish He then must sift through the reality versus the imaginedGone at Midnight although a true story reads like a psychological horror novel Anderson meticulously takes the reader through the evidence or lack of the witnesses some whom have disappeared and the emotional mental journey Elisa Lam seemed to be on at the time of her deathWill there ever be any type of resolution as to what really happened to Elisa Lam If Jake Anderson has his way there most certainly willThank you to NetGalley Citadel JakeAnderson GoneAtMidnight for the advanced copy

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Gone at Midnight Free download ä 2 Review Gone at Midnight A Los Angeles hotel with a haunting history A missing young woman A disturbing video followed by a shocking discovery A cold case mystery that has become an internet phenomenon and for one determined journalist a life changing uest toward uncomfortable truthsTwenty one year old Vancouver student Elisa Lam was last heard from on January 31 2013 after she checked into downtown LA's Cecil Hotel a 600 room building with a nine decade history of scandal and tragedy The next day Elisa vanished A search of the hotel yielded nothing More than a week later complaints by guests of foul smelling tap water led to a grim discovery Elisa's nude body floating in a rooftop water tank in an area ext 3 Stars It was interesting but very repetitive I skimmed through the second half to get to the end which was not satisfying I can t knock the author s top notch writing though Levels of Life ext 3 Stars It was interesting but very repetitive I skimmed through the second half to get to the A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court end which was not satisfying I can t knock the author s top notch writing though