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  • Growing Up Again Life Love and Oh Yeah Diabetes
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  • 11 May 2019
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Mary Tyler Moore ↠ 4 Read Growing Up Again Life Love and Oh Yeah Diabetes Read Ú 104 She drills down to the most heartfelt yet universal truths about life including the lives of those with diabetes She unflinchingly chronicles her struggle with diabetes as well as her successful rehabilitation from alcohol dependence all while deriving gratification from her roles as an actress mother businesswoman campaigner and fund raiser Her revealing tales of both her successes and failures in coping with diabetes offer others with the disease guidance and inspiration through example In the. I am so so grateful for this book I was recently diagnosed with T1 and it s been difficult for me to accept this new fate So to see MTM who I ve always admired speak about her experiences was really special Her writing is so clear candid honest and friendly like speaking to an old friend She also takes a lot of care to celebrate the children she s met through her work with the JDRF who are honestly a lot better at the whole diabetes thing than she was Reading this book was an exercise in validation and reassurance it s barely been a month for me and I m struggling and here s this famous actress with means who continued to struggle after several decades Which isn t to say it doesn t get easier but that messing up happens and that the important thing is to keep trying and moving forward My sole criticism of the book is that the chapters were organized by topic as opposed to chronologically This made it difficult sometimes to follow the narrative thread of her life and of medical advances in general But as the book ages it was published in 2009 the medical part becomes less and less relevant MTM s autobiography is followed by a very helpful appendix that serves as a diabetes 101 While many parts of it will again become less relevant as time goes on it still includes make relevant parts such as a description of common complications eg retinopathy and symptoms to watch out for

characters Growing Up Again Life Love and Oh Yeah Diabetes

Growing Up Again Life Love and Oh Yeah Diabetes

Mary Tyler Moore ↠ 4 Read Growing Up Again Life Love and Oh Yeah Diabetes Read Ú 104 Book stories include her rebounding from a low blood sugar episode during a Mary Tyler Moore Show script reading after the director poured orange juice down her throat to misadventures caused by diabetes related vision impairment at a dimly lit party for John TravoltaShe also taps into the vast diabetes research network to talk to diabetic children and adults and with leading experts who are discovering new ways to control diabetes and its complications and pursuing new ways to cure this disease. I LOVE Mary and really wanted to love this book Too bad it seems as if it was dictated for a few afternoons in a row typed occasional errors and all and immediately sent off to the publishing house Mary touches upon some of the physical and psychological issues she has to deal with as a result of her diabetes but her writing just scratches the surface of what really must be going on there I wish a discerning editor had been at the helm someone who could have treated this book as a first draft and gotten Mary to explore her emotions a little deeply Just came across as a rushed job

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Mary Tyler Moore ↠ 4 Read Growing Up Again Life Love and Oh Yeah Diabetes Read Ú 104 With generosity of spirit ebullience and sly humor Mary Tyler Moore presents the intensely private often funny and sometimes startling story of her life with diabetes Growing Up Again is a delightfully candid read for her legion of fans the than 20 million Americans with diabetes and everyone struggling to cope with life’s unexpected challengesMary Tyler Moore actress and activist relates the highs and lows of living with type 1 diabetes for the past forty years With inspired well crafted prose. 1936 2017 RIP MTM you were always so gracious