(The Sabbath Every uestion Answered) [E–book] ¹ Yisrayl Hawkins

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  • The Sabbath Every uestion Answered
  • Yisrayl Hawkins
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  • 12 October 2020
  • 9781890967079

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REVIEW Û The Sabbath Every uestion Answered Been nased upon its twisting of the scriptures written by the Apostle Shaul Paul; his hard to be understood writings about which the Apostle kepha Peter wrote This is fully discussed in Part Three of this book There is not another book written like this book which you are about to read This book presents the FACTS about Yahweh's Seventh Day Sabbath in clearly understood language Then it clearly presents the fables which have been taught throughout the ages about the change to Sunday Worship But not only does it present these fables it also Proves the Truth which is written in the SCRIPTURES and in historical document.

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REVIEW Û The Sabbath Every uestion Answered There has been a coninuous and heated controversy over the Scriptural Sabbath Day for hundreds even thousands of years In fact historical records show that millions of people have been persecuted injured imprisoned and MURDERED because of the specific belief they held in the Seventh Day Sabbath spoken of in the Holy Scriptures Which Day Is The Sabbath The Sabbath Day is clearly written in The Holy Scriptures Yet from the era of the Christian Writers beginning around 200 of the common era arguments have arisen about the Weekly Sabbath These writers Catholic insisted that Sunday is the day of the Christian Sabbath and.

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REVIEW Û The Sabbath Every uestion Answered The whole Christian World Protestant included followed in this rebellion against Yahweh's direct Commandment to Rest on The Seventh Day which is popularly known as Saturday Catholic Doctrine has always proclaimed that their POPE acts as God's personal representative in the earth who has the authority to change their worship to the First Day of the week; to Sunday which is the Catholic Justification for worshipping on Sunday today This is fully discussed in Part Eleven of this book Protestant Doctrine has followed in the path of Catholicism by worshipping on Sunday but Protestant Justification for thier rebellion has.

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