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  • Everybody Must Get Stoned
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  • 14 December 2020
  • 9780806530734

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Free download Everybody Must Get Stoned 107 Is centred on the drugs featuring chapters on rock stars on weed acid cocaine heroin ecstacy a. As an overview of 20th and 21st century rock stars on drugs this book is just fine There are a few salacious details to titillate the readerUnfortunately since I am a fan of depth and not breadth this book just didn t do it for me I was disappointed because I heard about it on Susie Bright s podcast with an interview with the author which was really fun and interestingI know he did a lot of research for this book A lot of myths are either proven or debunked but I still felt like I was being sold something that was never delivered

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Free download Everybody Must Get Stoned 107 The history of rock and better living through chemistry is vast colourful and often tragic But. there s a lot of stories in this book it spans back to the 50 s I wouldn t mind a seuel A lot of talk of keith richards the beatles the 60 s 70 s Great to read if you re a fan of rock n roll I discovered a lot of new songs through this book stuff I probably wouldn t have found out about on my own

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Free download Everybody Must Get Stoned 107 While most books about rock and drugs are organised by the music 'Everybody Must Get Stoned'. Is this a bad book No Is it a fun book Yeah But held up against the deeply researched and page turning worthy books that earn and deserve five star reviews this is like comparing a television sitcom to a five star epic movie The book lists what rock stars did drugs what drugs and rankings for each drug with the winner being the rock star that did the most There are also side trips such as a chapter on just The Beatles on drugs and a list of rock stars against drugs As might be expected Keith Richards seemed to be the most named druggie with Lou Reed nailing mention than past tabloid headlines would ve predicted Sir Paul McCartney s predilection for weed is reviewed and confirmed The main problem for me personally a reader that definitely fits into the baby boomer and classic rock subdivision of rock n roll was lack of knowledge about many of the main players With zero interest in hip hop and rap many of the artists scoring on the various lists were unknown to me So if I had to come up with a real criticism it would be the wide range of audience this book aims to please If you re up on your rock punk new wave country hip hop and rap stars from the 1950s to 2009 when this book was released you ll probably enjoy reading it a lot than I did But if you re stuck in your personal generational gap older or younger it doesn t matter then you may not know half the listed artists on the various who s taking what lists Fun book Yeah it s a fun way to spend time while hanging around the airport or a waiting room With short sections and lists it s easy to put down and pick up again later without going through withdrawal