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  • 09 October 2018
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READ The Exile ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ent with the treatment meted out to him and a late realization of his lost legacy turned Duleep into a rebel He became a Sikh again and sought to return to and lead his people The attempt was to drag him into the murky politics of nineteenthcentury Europe and leave him depleted and vulnerable to every kind of deceit and ridicule His end came in a cheap hotel room in Paris but not before one last act of betrayal and humiliatio. Well researched and powerful

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READ The Exile ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Nuanced and poignant novel that draws upon true events Navtej Sarna tells the unusual story of the last Maharaja of Punjab Soon after the British had annexed his kingdom Duleep was separated from his mother and his people taken under British guardianship and converted to Christianity At sixteen he was transported to England to live the life of a country suire an exile that he had been schooled to seek himself But disillusionm. Interesting history

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READ The Exile ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB In 1839 Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab one of India’s greatest rulers died and his empire was plunged into chaos Less than a decade later weakened by internecine rivalry and intrigue Punjab fell into the waiting hands of the British The ruler who signed away the kingdom and its treasures including the famed Koh i noor diamond was an eleven year old boy Duleep Singh the youngest of Ranjit Singh’s acknowledged sonsIn this. Picked this up due to the lingering effects of the Flashman take on early events of this book But this melancholy account of a young prince caught between court intrigues and a rising colonial power and then later in his life caught in the swirls of great power rivalry is a powerful read Mr Sarna very adroitly presents this as a collection of recollections by principal characters thus avoiding the uestion of who is right or wrong An extraordinarily powerful book despite its languid approach