[The Potion of Eternity] E–pub ¼ Sonja Chandrachud

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • The Potion of Eternity
  • Sonja Chandrachud
  • English
  • 06 September 2018
  • 9780143330301

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The Potion of Eternity Free download Ü 109 As been contaminated The Count moves undercover to Wichita Kansas buys a charming haunted mansion and settles down with his large crazy family to concoct the Antidote and brew a fresh lot of the Potion But things can never be so simple in the wizarding world especially if you have a hot headed Indian Tantrika as your wife a Water Sprite a Vetal and a Psychic as your children and the ugliest meanest Hag of a witch for a mother Drunkula soon realizes he is up against some serious black magic and an enemy in his own house who will do anything to pinch the rest of the Potion.

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The Potion of Eternity Free download Ü 109 He held the parchment to the pale yellow flame Wisps of ether began to rise slowly curling twisting and swirling Drunkula watched mesmerized as Nostra's face swam into view 'Time is running out The Black Magi have declared a bounty on your head They come to destroy you and the Antidote Beware guard the Potion with your life ' Count Drunkula Von D'eth Transylvanian Vampire and secret agent for Wizard Organization Worldwide WOW has been given a mission to die for The magical Potion of Eternity which will grant great powers to the children of a couple who drink it together h.

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The Potion of Eternity Free download Ü 109 From him Then there is a ghastly murder his lab is broken into and his wife goes missing There's only one thing the Count can do now take matters into his own hands and fly off to meet the Supreme One the leader of the Black Magi and strike a deal in the Belly of the Beast Packed with the weirdest meanest and funniest assortment of ghouls witches and yogis this is the first book in a series of fantasy adventures that will have you careening from one escapade to another at the mercy of the creatures from your nightmares For on the book please visit wwwhilarioushauntingscom. The DH The Triple Threat #3 please visit wwwhilarioushauntingscom.