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  • 12 October 2018
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Download Î Mania AUTHOR Craig Larsen characters  eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Craig Larsen He Street Butcher claims Nick's brother his latest casualty the case suddenly becomes very person. My copy of Mania was part of the Goodreads giveaways so I d first like to give a HUGE thank you to the author Craig Larsen for sending this copy to meI ve really agonized over how to rate this book In the end I gave it only 2 stars not because it was a bad book but because I felt it was too predictable That is to say that I felt like I knew who the bad guys or most of them were from the first page of their introduction so when they turned out to be the bad guys I wasn t surprised I really prefer a book like this to give me a jaw dropping revelation at the end where I think to myself Wow I did not see that one coming For the most part that wasn t the case with this bookI had a little bit of trouble following the timeline on this book One minute the main character was in the here and now and the next minute he was age 10 or 13 or whatever One minute he s completely lucid and the next minute you realize he s hallucinating I didn t feel that the lead ins to those time changes were done as smoothly as I d have likedOne thing I will say about this book is that all of my criticism aside it would make an excellent movie I could see what the author was trying to do but I didn t feel like it translated as well on paper as it would on the big screen I liked this book but I didn t love it I was expecting a nail biter and a page turner and that s just not what it was I would ve preferred to ve been really disappointed in the bad guys at the end but I wasn t at all because I didn t like them from the first page of their introductionsand yet I think I was supposed to like most of them Sonot a book I d recommend as a must read but not a book that I d tell someone to not waste their time on It was simply okay

Download Mania AUTHOR Craig Larsen

Mania AUTHOR Craig Larsen

Download Î Mania AUTHOR Craig Larsen characters  eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Craig Larsen On the foggy streets of Seattle a serial killer known as the Street Butcher is terrorising the ci. Rating a revolted 3 of fiveI don t think thrillers are all created eual I think this book is a thriller because there isn t a sales category called Noir although given the rate at which this kind of novel is being published there soon will beI wasn t thrilled by the gory bloody lovingly depicted death and torture in the book I wasn t thrilled by the editor s decision to leave a dizzying number of time shifts in place I wasn t thrilled by the sheer vileness of so many of the charactersI was thrilled by the author s evident craftsmanship with words I was thrilled by the plot s pacing despite the time shiftingit all worked for the story being told I was thrilled by the absence of a Hollywood endingAnd in spite of all the ew moments I was thrilled by the relentless rightness of the storythat sense I get in some books that the story was authentically engaging and exciting to the author himself It s intangible it s unprovable but it s also unmistakeable and unfakeableRecommended for the noir crowd the puzzle people and the gore ghouls NOT for general consumption

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Download Î Mania AUTHOR Craig Larsen characters  eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Craig Larsen Ty Newspaper photographer Nick Wilder is accustomed to seeing gruesome homicide scenes But when t. When I read a suspensemystery novel I know I m into it and liking it when the author keeps me in a state of suspended tension throughout the book Mania had me so wrapped up that I started it shortly after dinner and didn t stop reading it until I had finishedActually I thought this book was uite a fun read and consider that this isn t my usual fare I think that says a lotThe main character Nick Wilder is a photographer for the Seattle Telegraph and is generally on hand to collect shots other papers can t get He was young when his parents died and came to depend on his brother Sam with whom he has always been very close One night after he and Sam were together in downtown Seattle Nick and Sam are attacked by a rough looking homeless man Nick comes out of it with a few injuries but Sam is dead Nick s a bit cloudy on what exactly happened and as you go through the book he continues to flash back on that episode as well as others that haunt him Nick s girlfriend Sara tries to ease his fears but he s still uneasy There s much to the novel but it s hard to summarize without giving away the showThe dark atmosphere of this novel is reflective of Nick s internal darkness throughout The author s writing and the level of suspense he creates will keep you reading It was fun as a reader to try and piece together events playing out in Nick s mind while trying to figure out what s really going on Don t let the flashbacks and returns to the present bother you they re necessary to the overall story and the author pulls it off so you won t be confused Actually I noticed that a lot of complaints had to do with Nick s flashbacks It s like if some people don t get a linear narrative then they find the book tough to read Well expand your reading horizons Overall a fun read that I can recommend to suspense mystery readers