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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188
  • Subtle Revenge
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 20 October 2020
  • 9780373106516

Carole Mortimer ☆ 0 REVIEW

Carole Mortimer ☆ 0 REVIEW REVIEW ☆ Subtle Revenge Her father had killed himself protesting his innocence to the endThe trial had haunted them for years Lori's mother finally wasted away with grief and Lori seeking to rebuild her life was c.

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Subtle Revenge

Carole Mortimer ☆ 0 REVIEW REVIEW ☆ Subtle Revenge Oldly jilted by her fiance when he discovered her true identityShe had reason to hate the Randell family And when she met Jacob's son Luke she saw a way to hurt him as his father had hurt h. This is one of the better ones by CM and the hero is hot pursuit of the heroine Lori Who is trying at first to stay away from him because he did was responsible for her fathers death It was a little nuts how much he was in instant love lust with Lori He just wants her and is willing to put himself out until the almost end where he discovers it s been and an act What happens when the act becomes real Read it and found out

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Carole Mortimer ☆ 0 REVIEW REVIEW ☆ Subtle Revenge Out of her bitterness there came a planTwelve years ago Lori's father had been destroyed by the ruthless lawyer Jacob R Randell in a notorious embezzlement trial Ruined overcome with shame. Smitten hero says to the heroine on their first meeting I m smitten And it just gets better from there as the he pursues and the heroine tires to work through her bitter feelings about men after being jilted five years before That the hero s father was inadvertently a cause for the heroine s jilting becomes clearer the heroine latches on a vague notion of revenge She ll jilt the hero at some point and winning It s not very clearUnfortunately for the heroine she does fall in love with the hero and her revenge plan backfires But being an intrepid heroine she faces her demons in the form of the hero s father and the past and the truth eventually sets everyone freeThere were some good cameos of side characters I enjoyed the elderly aunt with the plant mania that the heroine visits a few times a month The ex fiance puts in an appearance and he is satisfyingly slimy The heroine s roommate finally saw through her cheating boyfriend The hero directness was a nice contrast to the heroine s defensiveness The final scene between the two was really sweet The hero seemed to understand how much she had gone through even though she had been in the wrong