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  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
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  • 23 November 2020
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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Download â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Miss Pettigrew an approaching middle age governess was accustomed to a household of unruly English children When her employment agency sends. 375 stars In this 1938 book the proper Miss Pettigrew a 40 year old faded and timid governess who s fallen into desperate poverty is sent to a new job by her employment agency The address she s given is for a sexy nightclub singer Miss LaFosse who s in the throes of Man Troubles she s juggling two lovers with a third hopefully waiting in the wings Miss Pettigrew is scandalized but intrigued Miss LaFosse begs Miss Pettigrew to help her out and somehow Miss Pettigrew rises to the occasion A friendship starts to form and one thing leads to another in the most crazy wonderful day the downtrodden Miss Pettigrew has ever experienced in her lifeIn so many ways this novel is delightful fluffy fun with a delicious sense of humor It s wonderful to see Miss Pettigrew start to blossom Cinderella like even a makeover is included in the fun Miss Pettigrew rapt thrilled transported gazed at herself as her dreams had painted her A lump came into her throat Her eyes became misty Guinevere screamed Miss Dubarry in a panic For God s sake control yourself Guinevere gasped Miss LaFosse Control I implore you Your make up Remember your duty to your make up Miss Pettigrew made a valiant effort Most certainly said Miss Pettigrew with dignity England expects Unfortunately the occasional casual racism against Italians in particular the word dago is used and anti Semitism this guy looks like he has Jewish blood Oh noes left a bad taste in my mouth I give older books somewhat of a pass on being dated and non PC but I m still shaking my head over the wholehearted embrace of racist ideas by our heroine Whether the author agreed with Miss Pettigrew is I suppose up for debate See the thread for discussion A lot of readers are able to handwave this kind of thing in an older book and it s occasional here maybe 6 or 8 different passages in the book but be advised If you re going to be deeply offended by this sort of thing or by things like a man physically trying to shake some sense into the woman he loves you should probably give this a hard passMiss Pettigrew like Valancy in LM Montgomery s delightful The Blue Castle is a dispirited bullied woman ready to start breaking society s rules The company Miss Pettigrew starts keeping lives a fast lifestyle but ultimately the story affirms friendship and old fashioned values which I wouldn t have expected initiallyThe Kindle version of this novel which is far too expensive for an 80 year old novel does have the original illustrations which are delightful On the down side it desperately needs another round of copy editing If you have a choice get a hard copyMarch 2018 group read with the Retro Reads group

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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Download â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ttigrew encounters a kind of glamour that she had only met before at the movies Over the course of a single day both women are changed foreve. Comfort re read 0 How do we know what latent possibilities of achievements we possessIt is always with a little trepidation that I re visit a book I loved so much Will it still be a favourite or will it have lost something in the intervening years I remember enjoying this novel so much back in 2008 and kept fond memoriesSo how was it The answer I devoured it in one evening giggling a few times here and there I d forgotten the details and it was lovely to re discover them It is a light read that combines vaudeville and fairy tale to great delight Miss Pettigrew is endearing with her mixture of naivety and wisdom and I couldn t resist following her on her day of freedom from social s discovering a world of brilliance and luxury totally different from her own drab existence She finds she has a real skill at repartees even if often unconsciously done The scenes between her and the various characters she meets are often very funny full of ridicule and pure theatreThrough those few hours she readjusts her moral compass to great humour She grows in confidence becoming someone that people can rely on and a problem solver She finally starts to see her worth and becomes herself This is however a novel of its time and the 1930s had views that we find nowadays distasteful and rightly so I of course don t agree with the couple of racist and sexist comments made in the book but I understand their context Should they be removed No I don t believe books or films should ever be censured That would go against freedom of speech and would only lead us to catastrophe How was Watson s novel regarded in her own time after all She does describe women in a different light in charge of their destinies than the so called ladies using all they have to their advantage which doesn t deny kindness and compassionIs it still worth 5 stars Totally This is pure escapism A feel good book that will give hours of fun again and again Thank you Persephone Books for rescuing this little gemPS What is it about the surname Pettigrew Two of my favourite books have it in their title the other is Major Pettigrew s Last Stand

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Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Download â PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Her to the wrong address her life takes an unexpected turn The alluring nightclub singer Delysia LaFosse becomes her new employer and Miss Pe. Down on her luck 40 year old governess Miss Guinevere Pettigrew needs to get a teaching job or she ll be evicted But little does she know when she stumbles into the glamorous life of socialite Miss Delysia LaFosse her fortunes are about to change drastically today for the first time in her bleak existence Miss Pettigrew will LIVE Winifred Watson s Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day is the embodiment of the word pleasant It s just such a nice little novel full of light soapy romance and inoffensive people it s impossible to dislike That said it s far from a flawless read Loosely a modernish the book was first published in 1938 re imagining of Cinderella the story takes place over the course of a single day so the pacing is brisk In part because of that it s a uick read despite a vague meandering purpose you don t really notice it s a Cinderella retelling until the second half and a lack of plot It also oddly reads a bit like a play as most of the story takes place in a single room everyone walks in and out of though maybe that was just the style of rom coms back then The characters are unoriginal sketches conventional upper class Londoners who enjoy their booze drugs given the otherwise discreet atmosphere of the book cocaine makes a slightly jarring appearance in an early scene and late nights while Miss Pettigrew is almost a caricature of humility but they re mostly likeable and while I m not a huge romance fan the cast s relationship intrigues and playful tone were amusing enough That said I m not sure what exactly Miss Pettigrew does that impresses everyone to give her the status she acuires throughout but I m putting that down to being one of the dated features of the time along with a couple of distasteful and disturbingly casual anti Semitic slurs she makes Aside from the dull grey cover I liked the book s presentation a lot which strongly evoked the era Contemporary illustrations are dotted throughout in a style that feels of the time and complemented the text well The 30s endpaper designs are uaint and even the font looks suitably old fashioned ITC Baskerville love it Though not an important or highly distinguishable novel I m glad that Persephone Books rescued Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day from an obscurity it doesn t deserve And while it s not the most memorable or exciting story it is well written entertaining for a period piece and above all charming If you re after a perfectly accessible amiable read with a feel good ending you could do worse than this