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Read Eventide Eventide Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Kent Haruf With Victoria Roubideaux now at college the McPheron brothers are alone on their farm once again yet struggling to settle back into old ways and routines; Tom Guthrie and Maggie Jones meanwhile are finding their future together assured even while they're still finding their feet as. Where I grew up there was an old bachelor who lived about half a mile farther from town than we did He lived in a tiny shack of a house and would often drop in to our place on the way to or from town I will call him Charlie although everyone always said his first and last names together like they were one He drove a buggy with a beautiful older white horse pulling it The buggy was black and had a cover mounted on risers to keep the sun and rain off The horse wore blinders maybe so it wouldn t be upset by passing cars and trucks and its harness was black with shiny silver decorationsOn his way into town Charlie would drop off a bag of crab apples or sometimes a bag of rhubarb and usually a couple of clean plastic containers Those containers were Mom s because Charlie never left empty handed either he would take home with him another couple of tubs one with a stew or a casserole and one with maybe a rhubarb crunch dessert or Mom would give him a uart of her canned crab apple fruit or a jar of crab apple jelly Charlie even drove to church in his horse and buggy and the horse always stood patiently outside waiting for church to be over and Charlie would ride the buggy homeEventide The name of this book alone evokes memories of the senses and of the spirit of country living Just as in Mr Haruf s book our little community had many difficulties some poverty babies showing up from out of nowhere bad accidents in both vehicles and with farm machinery or hazards mourning times and even a couple who never spoke to each other from about their 15 or 20 year Anniversary except through one of their many children Still I don t think it s a faulty memory but a truth the people where I grew up were essentially good and kind hearted They helped their neighbours through difficult times and oh the celebrations Sports days fair days dances musical and variety concerts picnics there was always room in busy lives to set down the work for a few hours and have funIn this novel there are a number of problems and griefs for the residents of Holt and its surrounding areas too Yet they also took time out to socialize to help each other in any way they could and to try and resolve difficulties if they could Kent Haruf has painted a broad landscape of characters in this novel which sets the tone of a small town atmosphere where many people live on farms and ranches outside of the town We are not invited into this setting it is set out for us like a beautifully appointed dinner table and we are magnetized to it with souls starved for its sustenanceThrough Kent Haruf s magnificently simple prose and plain yet powerful dialogue we fall into the story he offers into the lives and concerns of the citizens of Holt and we don t want to leave This book calls to an inner need to belong to be part of someplace and to do our part Our hearts can t help but to respond with a yes

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Read Eventide Eventide Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Kent Haruf Ldhood caring for his cantankerous grandfather Walter; DJ's friend Dena her mother and sister all of whom are trying to adjust to life and a home without the girls' fatherElouent and evocative Eventide paints a convincing compelling picture of small town life in Holt County Colorado. So beautiful maybe even slightly better than Plainsong Haruf writes from the heart and in doing so he touches ours He features good people and bad people but that s how life is Some of his characters make you want to reach out and give them a hug others you would like to be your best friends All of them are memorable and provide food for thought after the book has finishedThere are some really sad moments in Eventide I was mopping up tears over one momentous death And then there are the beautiful moments when people reach out to others and help them through life s tougher timesThis book is just plain beautiful and I am sad already because there is only one

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Read Eventide Eventide Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Free download Å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì Kent Haruf A couple Alongside these familiar faces and places however are new characters and their stories Betty and Luther who are struggling to keep their heads above water and their children Joy Rae and Richie out of care; eleven year old DJ who has spent much of his supposedly carefree chi. Letting go image source Eventide is the brilliant and perfect follow up to Plainsong told in the same spare language and set a couple of years later You could read it as a standalone novel but you d be missing than the half you have not read not so much in terms of plot as euilibriumEven though a notable aspect of both books is the lack of backstory and there are major characters in this who left not so much as a dusty footprint on the pages of Plainsong while some of the unfinished tracks of Plainsong eg the Beckmans vendetta against Tom Guthrie are untrodden here they are two halves of a whole I read Eventide immediately after finishing Plainsong and I am so glad I did I can only review this in relation to that and neither review stands on its own another example of the pairs that are a defining feature of both Benediction is separate despite GR labelling it as 3 See my reviews Plainsong precursor to this 5 Benediction a separate story 5WeaningWhereas Plainsong is primarily about absence I felt a subtle shift here Eventide is about the process of separation and letting go whether voluntary or not the adaptation to and acceptance or not of the change that follows They never do like it I can t imagine anything or anybody that would like it But every living thing in this world gets weaned eventually Although Eventide comes chronologically after Plainsong in this thematic respect it almost precedes it Perhaps we need to feel and acknowledge the pain of loss before we can truly comprehend the impact and how and why it happenedAt the moment of loss or separation we don t know the outcome whether parent or child lover or friend we feel only the present agony Looking back we see that most thrive but some falter a few of them critically We apply perspective and context to our loss Does that mitigate the hurt For the majority it probably does but I doubt it offers solace to those who could not successfully transition to independence Does it make it easier to leave or let go in future I don t knowHopeWhere is the hope that makes this book not just bearable but wonderful As with Plainsong it s from simple unconditional love and acceptance sometimes from the least likely sources but here there is again an emphasis on process the slow flowering of once tentative and maybe improbable relationships into something strong and sweet There are brand new relationships good and bad but those between Victoria her young daughter Katie and the McPherons are most touching of all They all continue to change and be changed because of each other Her coming had changed matters for them forever And then the little girl and her arrival had changed matters once again So they had grown used to the presence of these new people in their lives They had become accustomed to the way things had changed and they had got so they liked these new changes and got so they wanted them to continue day after day in the same way Lost in the FamiliarIn the dirt as in snow tracks and footprints can disappear The now familiar tropes of pairs sleep red and the slanted light of the dusty plains are regularly and softly used here yet I was adrift in a town I thought I knew In Plainsong the focus of each chapter is clear because character names are used as chapter titles Eventide is the opposite chapters are numbered but significantly they invariably start with a scattering of pronouns so I had no initial idea who was being referred to especially in early chapters with the possibility of characters I d not encountered before When characters speak they re as plainspoken here as in Plainsong but they re not always as honest Not everyone is uite what they seem I want to see the best in people even fictional people but I anticipated the pain and tragedies to come and sometimes they didThus Haruf conjures a complex and disorienting response with deceptively simple languagePairsBoth books are built on the similarities and contrasts of pairs doubles and opposites of characters and situations and the fact the books themselves are a pair This could be unsubtle disorienting and annoying but instead it lends uncertainty within the comfort of a familiar framework For example the variable amount of clutter in the McPheron kitchen continues to reflect the fluctuating moods of lifeIn contrast with everyone in Plainsong and many in Eventide little Katie is a chatterbox She went on without stopping talking about whatever came into her mind with no need for Raymond to remark on any of it at all though he paid heed There are two obvious contrasts that barely feature in either book religious versus not and rich versus poor an observation not a criticismIn Plainsong I was surprised how little God or the church featured in the lives of Holt s residents especially the elderly god like figures of Harold and Raymond McPheron that may be a fault of my stereotypes of the US in general and small towns 30 years ago in particular In Eventide most of the few occasions church or prayers are mentioned merely demonstrate people s unfamiliarity with either Go ahead and eat unless somebody wants to pray No one did Eventide has a family on welfare see below and that made me realise the almost total absence of anyone wealthy except perhaps the Beckmans in Plainsong Some are comfortable than others but no one is really rich That would be too unsubtle for HarufWelfareEventide has a sociological angle that was new In addition to ordinary people living simple lives with little of anything to spare there is a troubled family on welfare plus their social worker Rose Tyler This was the weakest aspect for me the characters captivated me and I cared deeply but Rose s actions and those of other authorities didn t always seem plausible maybe that s a difference of 30 years the Atlantic More importantly it didn t uite fit the carefully crafted atmosphere of the two books I wonder if it was an editorial suggestion perhaps to respond to those who found Holt s position in time a little too amorphous Personally I preferred the slipperiness as a contrast to the dry dirt that permeates the floorboards vehicles clothes and people Nevertheless the complex tragedies of this family were painfully wrought in typically plain but powerful terms and inextricably linked to the theme of the book FamilyRelated to separation is the concept of family whether bonded by blood WallaceRimes divided by blood WallaceRimes or forged in other ways unofficial adoption or friendship like DJ and Dena As Victoria says of the McPherons We re not related in that way They saved me RedAs in Plainsong almost the only colour mentioned other than the trademark iron gray McPheron hair is red but being the second book it s noticeable the faces of those who work outdoors a tractor a type of cow memories of a dead mother s nail varnish stolen lipstick Guthrie s pickup the plunging blouse of a woman and so on A bright respite from the dull dirt of the plainsTowards the end there is a notable sign of new beginnings He drove with the window rolled down and the night air came in and brought with it the smell of green grass and sage uotes The silent high plains spread out flat and dark under the bright myriad indifferent stars The first intimations of fall were in the air that smell of dust and dry leaves that annual lonesomeness that comes of summer closing down At school he did willingly and skilfully all that was reuired of him but didn t say much of anything to anybody throughout the day Their paired images walked beside them in the plate glass storefronts He wanted to think of words that would make some difference but there were none in any language he knew that were sufficient to the moment nor that would change a simple thing He was pretty set in his ways They were good ways though But you ve got to have your own life So he was alone now alone than he had ever been in life A car drove by its exhaust as white and ragged as wood smoke before the wind snatched it away He looked around and all the people nearby appeared to be having a good time At a social services centre the scarred tedious brightly colored toys and the little broken baked books The low afternoon sun streamed in onto the dishes from the unshaded windows The sunlight was brilliant in the glassware The early darkling of a short winter s day the sky fading out the night drawing down The stars as clean and bright as if they were no distant than the next barbed wire fence post everything all around him distinct and unhidden Don t you know anything No ma am I don t believe I do Outside the house beyond the silent room they sat in the dark began to collect along the street You might find some manner of interesting trouble to get into Guthrie to Raymond McPheron echoing what Maggie Jones said in Plainsong to make them consider taking Victoria in The story comes fullish circle